Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 331
Section 331.080

August 28, 2014

Violation of chapter a misdemeanor--penalty.

331.080. Any person who shall practice chiropractic or attempt to practice chiropractic, or who shall use the title of doctor of chiropractic, or any word, title, or letters, to induce belief that he is engaged in the practice of chiropractic, without first complying with the provisions of this chapter, or any person who shall buy, sell, or fraudulently obtain any diploma or license to practice chiropractic shall be deemed guilty of a class A misdemeanor. It shall be the duty of the several prosecuting attorneys of this state to prosecute all persons charged with the violation of any provision of this chapter, and it shall be the duty of the executive secretary of the board, under the direction of said board, to aid said attorneys of this state, in the enforcement of this chapter.

(RSMo 1939 § 10060, A.L. 1981 S.B. 16)

Prior revision: 1929 § 13555

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