Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 337
Psychologists--Professional Counselors--Social Workers
Section 337.030

August 28, 2014

License renewal, registration fee, proof of compliance--late registration, penalty--lost certificate, how replaced--fees, amount, how set--inactive license issued, when.

337.030. 1. Each psychologist licensed pursuant to the provisions of sections 337.010 to 337.090, who has not filed with the committee a verified statement that the psychologist has retired from or terminated the psychologist's practice of psychology in this state, shall register with the division on or before the registration renewal date. The division shall require a registration fee which shall be submitted together with proof of compliance with the continuing education requirement as provided in section 337.050 and any other information required for such registration. Upon receipt of the required material and of the registration fee, the division shall issue a renewal certificate of registration. The division shall, when issuing an initial license to an applicant who has met all of the qualifications of sections 337.010 to 337.093 and has been approved for licensure by the committee shall grant the applicant, without payment of any further fee, a certificate of registration valid until the next registration renewal date.

2. The division shall mail a renewal notice to the last known address of each licensee prior to the registration renewal date. Failure to provide the division with the proof of compliance with the continuing education requirement and other information required for registration, or to pay the registration fee after such notice shall effect a revocation of the license after a period of sixty days from the registration renewal date. The license shall be restored if, within two years of the registration renewal date, the applicant provides written application and the payment of the registration fee and a delinquency fee and proof of compliance with the requirements for continuing education as provided in section 337.050.

3. A new certificate to replace any certificate lost, destroyed or mutilated may be issued subject to the rules of the committee, upon payment of a reasonable fee.

4. The committee shall set the amount of the fees authorized by sections 337.010 to 337.093 and required by rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to section 536.021. The fees shall be set at a level to produce revenue which shall not substantially exceed the cost and expense of administering sections 337.010 to 337.090.

5. The committee is authorized to issue an inactive license to any licensee who makes written application for such license on a form provided by the board and remits the fee for an inactive license established by the committee. An inactive license may be issued only to a person who has previously been issued a license to practice psychology in this state, who is no longer regularly engaged in such practice and who does not hold himself or herself out to the public as being professionally engaged in such practice in this state. Each inactive license shall be subject to all provisions of this chapter, except as otherwise specifically provided. Each inactive license may be renewed by the committee subject to all provisions of this section and all other provisions of this chapter. The inactive licensee shall not be required to submit evidence of completion of continuing education as required by this chapter. An inactive licensee may apply for a license to regularly engage in the practice of psychology upon filing a written application on a form provided by the committee, submitting the reactivation fee established by the committee, and submitting proof of current competency as established by the committee.

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