Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 337
Psychologists--Professional Counselors--Social Workers
Section 337.644

August 28, 2014

Application, contents--reciprocity--issuance of license, when.

337.644. 1. Each applicant for licensure as a master social worker shall furnish evidence to the committee that:

(1) The applicant has a master's or doctorate degree in social work from an accredited social work degree program approved by the council of social work education;

(2) The applicant has achieved a passing score, as defined by the committee, on an examination approved by the committee. The eligibility requirements for such examination shall be determined by the state committee for social workers;

(3) The applicant is at least eighteen years of age, is of good moral character, is a United States citizen or has status as a legal resident alien, and has not been convicted of a felony during the ten years immediately prior to application for licensure;

(4) The applicant has submitted a written application on forms prescribed by the state board;

(5) The applicant has submitted the required licensing fee, as determined by the committee.

2. Any applicant who answers in the affirmative to any question on the application that relates to possible grounds for denial of licensure under section 337.630 shall submit a sworn affidavit setting forth in detail the facts which explain such answer and copies of appropriate documents related to such answer.

3. Any person holding a valid unrevoked and unexpired license, certificate, or registration from another state or territory of the United States having substantially the same requirements as this state for master social workers may be granted a license to engage in the person's occupation in this state upon application to the committee accompanied by the appropriate fee as established by the committee under section 337.612.

4. The committee shall issue a license to each person who files an application and fee as required by the provisions of sections 337.600 to 337.689 and who furnishes evidence satisfactory to the committee that the applicant has complied with the provisions of subsection 1 of this section or with the provisions of subsection 3 of this section. The license shall refer to the individual as a licensed master social worker and shall recognize that individual's right to practice licensed master social work as defined in section 337.600.

(L. 2007 H.B. 780 merged with S.B. 308)

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