Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 337
Psychologists--Professional Counselors--Social Workers
Section 337.703

August 28, 2014

License required, exceptions.

337.703. No person shall use the title of "licensed marital and family therapist", "marital and family therapist", "provisional licensed marital and family therapist", or engage in the practice of marital and family therapy in this state unless the person is licensed as required by the provisions of sections 337.700 to 337.739. Sections 337.700 to 337.739 shall not apply to:

(1) Any person registered, certificated or licensed by this state, another state or any recognized national certification agent acceptable to the division to practice any other occupation or profession while rendering services similar in nature to marital and family therapy in the performance of the occupation or profession in which the person is registered, certificated or licensed, so long as the person does not use the title of "licensed marital and family therapist", "marital and family therapist", or "provisional licensed marital and family therapist";

(2) The practice of any marital and family therapist who is employed by any political subdivision, school district, agency or department of the state of Missouri while discharging the therapist's duties in that capacity; and

(3) Duly ordained ministers or clergy, religious workers and volunteers or Christian Science Practitioners.

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