Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 344
Nursing Home Administrators
Section 344.030

August 28, 2014

License, qualifications, fee, examination, term--reciprocity--emergency license.

344.030. 1. An applicant for an initial license shall file a completed application with the board on a form provided by the board, accompanied by an application fee as provided by rule payable to the department of health and senior services. Information provided in the application attested by signature to be true and correct to the best of the applicant's knowledge and belief.

2. No initial license shall be issued to a person as a nursing home administrator unless:

(1) The applicant provides the board satisfactory proof that the applicant is twenty-one years of age or over, of good moral character and a high school graduate or equivalent;

(2) The applicant provides the board satisfactory proof that the applicant has had a minimum of three years' experience in health care administration or two years of postsecondary education in health care administration or has satisfactorily completed a course of instruction and training prescribed by the board, which includes instruction in the needs properly to be served by nursing homes, the protection of the interests of residents therein, and the elements of good nursing home administration, or has presented evidence satisfactory to the board of sufficient education, training, or experience in the foregoing fields to administer, supervise and manage a nursing home; and

(3) The applicant passes the examinations administered by the board. If an applicant fails to make a passing grade on either of the examinations such applicant may make application for reexamination on a form furnished by the board and may be retested. If an applicant fails either of the examinations a third time, the applicant shall be required to complete a course of instruction prescribed and approved by the board. After completion of the board-prescribed course of instruction, the applicant may reapply for examination. With regard to the national examination required for licensure, no examination scores from other states shall be recognized by the board after the applicant has failed his or her third attempt at the national examination. There shall be a separate, nonrefundable fee for each examination. The board shall set the amount of the fee for examination by rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to section 536.021. The fee shall be set at a level to produce revenue which shall not substantially exceed the cost and expense of administering the examination.

3. The board may issue a license through reciprocity to any person who is regularly licensed as a nursing home administrator in any other state, territory, or the District of Columbia, if the regulations for securing such license are equivalent to those required in the state of Missouri. However, no license by reciprocity shall be issued until the applicant passes a special examination approved by the board, which will examine the applicant's knowledge of specific provisions of Missouri statutes and regulations pertaining to nursing homes. The applicant shall furnish satisfactory evidence that such applicant is of good moral character and has acted in the capacity of a nursing home administrator in such state, territory, or the District of Columbia at least one year after the securing of the license. The board, in its discretion, may enter into written reciprocal agreements pursuant to this section with other states which have equivalent laws and regulations.

4. Nothing in sections 344.010 to 344.108, or the rules or regulations thereunder shall be construed to require an applicant for a license as a nursing home administrator, who is employed by an institution listed and certified by the Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc., to administer institutions certified by such commission for the care and treatment of the sick in accordance with the creed or tenets of a recognized church or religious denomination, to demonstrate proficiency in any techniques or to meet any educational qualifications or standards not in accord with the remedial care and treatment provided in such institutions. The applicant's license shall be endorsed to confine the applicant's practice to such institutions.

5. The board may issue a temporary emergency license for a period not to exceed ninety days to a person twenty-one years of age or over, of good moral character and a high school graduate or equivalent to serve as an acting nursing home administrator, provided such person is replacing a licensed nursing home administrator who has died, has been removed or has vacated the nursing home administrator's position. No temporary emergency license may be issued to a person who has had a nursing home administrator's license denied, suspended or revoked. A temporary emergency license may be renewed for one additional ninety-day period upon a showing that the person seeking the renewal of a temporary emergency license meets the qualifications for licensure and has filed an application for a regular license, accompanied by the application fee, and the applicant has taken the examination or examinations but the results have not been received by the board. No temporary emergency license may be renewed more than one time.

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