Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 351
General and Business Corporations
Section 351.065

August 28, 2014

Incorporation tax or fee.

351.065. 1. No corporation shall be organized under the general and business corporation law of Missouri unless the persons named as incorporators shall at or before the filing of the articles of incorporation pay to the director of revenue three dollars for the issuance of the certificate and fifty dollars for the first thirty thousand dollars or less of the authorized shares of the corporation and a further sum of five dollars for each additional ten thousand dollars of its authorized shares, and no increase in the authorized shares of the corporation shall be valid or effectual unless the corporation has paid the director of revenue five dollars for each ten thousand dollars or less of the increase in the authorized shares of the corporation, and the corporation shall file a duplicate receipt issued by the director of revenue for the payments required by this section to be made with the secretary of state as is provided by this chapter for the filing of articles of incorporation; except that the requirements of this section to pay incorporation taxes and fees shall not apply to foreign railroad corporations which built their lines of railway into or through this state prior to November 21, 1943.

2. For the purpose of this section, the dollar amount of authorized shares is the par value thereof in the case of shares with par value and is one dollar per share in the case of shares without par value.

3. Fees mandated in subsection 1 of this section shall be waived if a majority shareholder, officer, or director of the organizing corporation is a member of the Missouri National Guard or any other active duty military, resides in the state of Missouri, and provides proof of such service to the secretary of state.

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Prior revisions: 1929 § 4539; 1919 § 9735; 1909 § 2976

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