Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 354
Health Services Corporations--Health Maintenance
Section 354.435

August 28, 2014

Annual reports filed with director, when--content--forms.

354.435. 1. Every health maintenance organization shall annually, on or before March first, file a report, verified by at least two principal officers, with the director, covering its preceding calendar year.

2. Such report shall be on forms prescribed by the director and shall include:

(1) A financial statement of the organization, including its balance sheet for the preceding calendar year;

(2) Any material changes in the information submitted pursuant to subsection 3 of section 354.405;

(3) The number of persons enrolled during the year, the number of enrollees, as of the end of the year, and the number of enrollments terminated during the year;

(4) A statement setting forth the amount of uncovered and covered expenses that are payable and are more than ninety days past due for the period of August first through December thirty-first of the preceding year;

(5) Such other information relating to the performance of the organization as is necessary to enable the director to carry out his duties under sections 354.400 to 354.636.

(L. 1983 H.B. 127, A.L. 2007 S.B. 66)


Forms approval required, RSMo 37.340; failure to obtain, personal liability, 37.390

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