Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 376
Life, Health and Accident Insurance
Section 376.385

August 28, 2014

Diabetes--insurance coverage for equipment, supplies and self-management training.

376.385. 1. Each entity offering individual and group health insurance policies providing coverage on an expense-incurred basis, individual and group service or indemnity type contracts issued by a health services corporation, individual and group service contracts issued by a health maintenance organization, all self-insured group arrangements, to the extent not preempted by federal law, and all managed health care delivery entities of any type or description, that are delivered, issued for delivery, continued or renewed in this state on or after January 1, 1998, shall offer coverage for all physician-prescribed medically appropriate and necessary equipment, supplies and self-management training used in the management and treatment of diabetes. Coverage shall include persons with gestational, type I or type II diabetes.

2. Health care services required by this section shall not be subject to any greater deductible or co-payment than any other health care service provided by the policy, contract or plan.

3. No entity enumerated in subsection 1 of this section may reduce or eliminate coverage due to the requirements of this section.

4. Nothing in this section shall apply to accident-only, specified disease, hospital indemnity, Medicare supplement, long-term care, or other limited benefit health insurance policies.

(L. 1997 S.B. 24)

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