Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 381
Title Insurance Law
Section 381.015

August 28, 2014

Title insurance commitment, required statement, when--lender's insurance policy without owner's title insurance, notice given when, contents, retention--penalty for violation.

381.015. 1. As used in sections 381.011 to 381.412, the term "title insurance commitment" or "commitment" means a preliminary report, commitment, or binder issued prior to the issuance of a title insurance policy containing the terms, conditions, exceptions, and other matters incorporated by reference under which the title insurer is willing to issue its title insurance policy. A title insurance commitment is not an abstract of title.

2. A title insurer, title agency, or title agent issuing a lender's title insurance policy in conjunction with a mortgage loan made simultaneously with the purchase of all or part of the real estate securing the loan, where no owner's title insurance policy has been requested, shall give written notice, on a form prescribed or approved by the director, to the purchaser-mortgagor at the time the commitment is prepared. The notice shall explain that a lender's title insurance policy is to be issued protecting the mortgage-lender, and that the policy does not provide title insurance protection to the purchaser-mortgagor as the owner of the property being purchased. The notice shall explain that the purchaser-mortgagor may obtain an owner's title insurance policy protecting the property owner, within sixty days of closing and at a specified cost or approximate cost, if the proposed coverages are or amount of insurance is not then known. A copy of the notice, signed by the purchaser-mortgagor, shall be retained in the relevant underwriting file at least fifteen years after the effective date of the policy.

3. A violation of any provision under this section is a level one violation under section 374.049.

(L. 2000 S.B. 894, A.L. 2007 S.B. 66)

Effective 1-01-08

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