Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 381
Title Insurance Law
Section 381.065

August 28, 2014

Net retained liability limits, maximum amount--reinsurance allowed--waiver by director of risk, when.

381.065. 1. The net retained liability of a title insurer for a single risk in regard to real property located in this state, or in regard to a title insurance policy issued in this state and insuring personal property, whether assumed directly or as reinsurance, shall not exceed the aggregate of fifty percent of surplus as regards policyholders plus the statutory premium reserve less the company's investment in title plants, all as shown in the most recent annual statement of the insurer on file with the director.

2. For purposes of this chapter:

(1) A single risk shall be the insured amount of any title insurance policy, except that, where two or more title insurance policies are issued simultaneously covering different estates in the same property, a single risk shall be the sum of the insured amounts of all the title insurance policies; and

(2) A policy under which a claim payment reduces the amount of insurance under one or more other title insurance policies shall be included in computing the single risk sum only to the extent that its amount exceeds the aggregate amount of the policy or policies whose amount of insurance is reduced.

3. A title insurer may obtain reinsurance for all or any part of its liability under its title insurance policies or reinsurance agreements and may also reinsure title insurance policies issued by other title insurers on single risks located in this state or elsewhere. Reinsurance on policies issued on real property located in this state, or on policies issued in this state and insuring personal property, may be obtained from any title insurers licensed to transact title insurance business in this state, any other state, or the District of Columbia and which have a combined capital and surplus of at least one million six hundred thousand dollars.

4. The director may waive the limitation of this section for a particular risk upon application of the title insurer and for good cause shown.

(L. 2000 S.B. 894, A.L. 2007 S.B. 66)

Effective 1-01-08

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