Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 381
Title Insurance Law
Section 381.161

August 28, 2014

Contract of title insurance through specific agent, agency, or insurer prohibited.

381.161. 1. No producer or other person, except the person paying the premium for the title insurance, shall require, directly or indirectly, or through any trustee, director, officer, agent, employee, or affiliate, as a condition, agreement, or understanding to selling or furnishing any other person any loan, or extension thereof, credit, sale, property, contract, lease or service, that such other person shall place any contract of title insurance of any kind through any particular title agent, agency, or title insurer. No title agent, agency, or title insurer shall knowingly participate in any such prohibited plan or transaction. No person shall fix a price charged for such thing or service, or discount from or rebate upon price, on the condition, agreement, or understanding that any title insurance is to be obtained through a particular agent, agency, or title insurer.

2. A violation of any provision under this section is a level three violation under section 374.049.

(L. 1987 S.B. 251 § 18, Repealed L. 2000 S.B. 894 § D, L. 2007 S.B. 66)

Effective 1-01-08

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