Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 300
Model Traffic Ordinance

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August 28, 2013

300.010. Definitions.
300.015. Police administration.
300.020. Duty of traffic division.
300.025. Records of traffic violations.
300.030. Traffic division to investigate accidents.
300.035. Traffic accident studies.
300.040. Traffic accident reports.
300.045. Driver files to be maintained.
300.050. Traffic division to submit annual traffic safety report.
300.055. Traffic division to designate method of identifying funeral
300.060. City traffic engineer.
300.065. Emergency and experimental regulations.
300.070. Traffic commission established--powers and duties.
300.075. Authority of police and fire department officials.
300.080. Obedience to police and fire department officials.
300.085. Persons propelling push carts or riding animals to obey traffic
300.090. Use of coasters, roller skates and similar devices restricted.
300.095. Public employees to obey traffic regulations.
300.100. Authorized emergency vehicles--permitted acts of drivers.
300.105. Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles.
300.110. Immediate notice of accident within city.
300.115. Written report of accident.
300.120. When driver unable to report.
300.125. (Repealed L. 2002 H.B. 1270 and H.B. 2032 A)
300.130. Authority to install traffic control devices.
300.135. Manual and specifications for traffic control devices.
300.140. Obedience to traffic control devices.
300.145. When official traffic control devices required for enforcement
300.150. Official traffic control devices--presumption of legality.
300.155. Traffic control signal legend--right turn on red light, when.
300.160. Pedestrian control signals.
300.165. Flashing signals.
300.170. Lane direction control signals.
300.175. Display of unauthorized signs, signals or markings.
300.180. Interference with official traffic control devices or railroad signs
or signals.
300.185. Authority to establish play streets.
300.190. Play streets.
300.195. City traffic engineer to designate crosswalks and establish safety
300.200. Traffic lanes.
300.205. State speed laws applicable.
300.210. Regulation of speed by traffic signals.
300.215. Required position and method of turning at intersection.
300.220. Authority to place and obedience to turning markers.
300.225. Authority to place restricted turn signs.
300.230. Obedience to no-turn signs.
300.235. Limitations on turning around.
300.240. Authority to sign one-way streets and alleys.
300.245. One-way streets and alleys.
300.250. Authority to restrict direction of movement on streets during certain
300.255. Through streets designated.
300.260. Signs required at through streets.
300.265. Other intersections where stop or yield required.
300.270. Stop and yield signs.
300.275. Vehicle entering stop intersection.
300.280. Vehicle entering yield intersection.
300.285. Emerging from alley, driveway or building.
300.290. Stop when traffic obstructed.
300.295. Obedience to signal indicating approach of train.
300.300. Following emergency vehicle prohibited.
300.305. Crossing fire hose.
300.310. Driving through funeral or other procession.
300.315. Driving in procession.
300.320. Funeral procession to be identified.
300.325. When permits required for parades and processions.
300.330. Vehicle shall not be driven on a sidewalk--prohibition on
obstruction of bicycle lanes--drivers to yield to bicycles in
designated bicycle lanes.
300.335. Limitations on backing.
300.340. Opening and closing vehicle doors.
300.345. Riding on motorcycles, additional passenger, requirements.
300.347. Riding bicycle on sidewalks, limitations--motorized bicycles
300.348. All-terrain vehicles, prohibited--exceptions, operation of
all-terrain vehicles under an exception--prohibited uses--penalty.
300.350. Riding bicycles, sleds, roller skates, by attaching to another
vehicle, prohibited--pulling a rider behind vehicle prohibited.
300.355. Controlled access.
300.360. Railroad trains not to block streets.
300.365. Driving through safety zone prohibited.
300.370. Pedestrians subject to traffic control devices.
300.375. Pedestrians' right-of-way in crosswalks.
300.380. Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks.
300.385. Crossing at right angles.
300.390. When pedestrian shall yield.
300.395. Prohibited crossing.
300.400. Obedience of pedestrians to bridge and railroad signals.
300.405. Pedestrians walking along roadways.
300.410. Drivers to exercise highest degree of care.
300.411. Distance to be maintained when overtaking a bicycle.
300.415. Standing or parking close to curb.
300.420. Signs or markings indicating angle parking.
300.425. Obedience to angle parking signs or markers.
300.430. Permits for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb.
300.435. Lamps on parked vehicles.
300.440. Stopping, standing or parking prohibited.
300.445. Parking not to obstruct traffic.
300.450. Parking in alleys.
300.455. Parking for certain purposes prohibited.
300.460. Parking adjacent to schools.
300.465. Parking prohibited on narrow streets.
300.470. Standing or parking on one-way streets.
300.475. Standing or parking on one-way roadways.
300.480. No stopping, standing or parking near hazardous or congested places.
300.485. City traffic engineer to designate curb loading zones.
300.490. Permits for curb loading zones.
300.495. Standing in passenger curb loading zone.
300.500. Standing in freight curb loading zones.
300.505. City traffic engineer to designate public carrier stops and stands.
300.510. Stopping, standing and parking of buses and taxicabs regulated.
300.515. Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands.
300.520. Application of ordinance.
300.525. Regulations not exclusive.
300.530. Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets.
300.535. Parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets.
300.540. Stopping, standing or parking prohibited during certain hours on
certain streets.
300.545. Parking signs required.
300.550. Commercial vehicles prohibited from using certain streets.
300.555. When person charged may elect to appear at bureau.
300.560. Duties of traffic violations bureau.
300.565. Traffic violations bureau to keep records.
300.570. Additional duties of traffic violations bureau.
300.575. Forms and records of traffic citations and arrests.
300.580. Procedure of police officers.
300.585. Uniform traffic ticket to be issued when vehicle illegally parked or
300.590. Warning of arrest sent upon failure to appear.
300.595. (Repealed L. 2002 H.B. 1270 and H.B. 2032 A)
300.600. Cities may adopt ordinance by reference.

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