Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 304
Traffic Regulations

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August 28, 2013

304.001. Definitions for chapter 304 and chapter 307.
304.009. Speed limit--violation, penalty.
304.010. Definitions--maximum speed limits--cities, towns, villages,
certain counties, may set speed limit, how set--slower speeds set,
when--violations, penalty.
304.011. Slow speed, regulation of--agricultural implements, slower speeds,
when, special permits required--penalties.
304.012. Motorists to exercise highest degree of care--violation, penalty.
304.013. All-terrain vehicles, prohibited on highways, rivers or streams of
this state, exceptions, operational requirements--special
permits--prohibited uses--penalty.
304.014. Rules of the road to be observed.
304.015. Drive on right of highway--traffic lanes--signs--violations,
304.016. Passing regulations--violations, penalties.
304.017. Distance at which vehicle must follow, penalty.
304.019. Hand and mechanical signals, violations, penalty.
304.022. Emergency vehicle defined--use of lights and
sirens--right-of-way--stationary vehicles, procedure--penalty.
304.023. Passing stopped streetcars, penalty.
304.024. Crosswalks and parking regulations established--signs--violation, an
304.025. Highway and vehicle defined.
304.027. Spinal cord injury fund created, uses--surcharge imposed, when.
304.028. Brain injury fund created, moneys in fund, uses--surcharge imposed,
304.029. Operation of low-speed vehicles on highway, permitted
304.030. Certain buses and trucks to stop at railroad crossing,
when--exception, requirements.
304.031. Traffic signal preemption system, use of, permitted when--violations,
304.032. Utility vehicles, operation on highway and in streams or rivers
prohibited--exceptions--passengers prohibited--violations,
304.033. Recreational off-highway vehicles, operation on highways prohibited,
exceptions--operation within streams and rivers prohibited,
exceptions--license required for operation, exception.
304.034. Municipalities may regulate golf cart and motorized wheelchair usage
on streets and highways.
304.035. Stop required at railroad grade crossing, when--commercial
motor vehicles, speed at crossings--penalty.
304.040. Failure to stop, penalty.
304.044. Buses and trucks not to follow within three hundred feet--penalty.
304.050. School buses, drivers to stop for, when--signs required on
buses--crossing control arm--bus driver responsibilities--driver
identity rebuttable presumption, when (Jessica's Law).
304.060. School buses and other district vehicles, use to be regulated by
board--field trips in common carriers, regulation
authorized--violation by employee, effect--design of school
buses, regulated by board--St. Louis County buses may use word
304.070. Violation of section 304.050, penalty.
304.075. School bus signs to be removed, when--misdemeanor.
304.076. Head Start buses to bear signs.
304.079. Use of designated disabled parking spaces, when.
304.080. Handicapped persons with white cane or dog, driver to take all
necessary precautions--cane or dog not required to enforce rights,
304.110. Violation of sections 304.080 to 304.110, penalty.
304.120. Municipal regulations--owner or lessor not liable for violations,
304.130. Regulation of vehicular traffic--notice,
hearings--approval--publication of notice (first class counties).
304.140. Penalty for violations.
304.151. Driver's responsibility not to obstruct traffic--written warning,
infraction, effective date.
304.152. Roadside checkpoints and roadblock patterns based on vehicle type
304.154. Towing truck company requirements.
304.155. Abandoned motor vehicles on public property, removal--hazards on land
and water, removal, limited liability, when--towing of property
report to highway or water patrol or crime inquiry and inspection
report when, owner liable for costs--check for stolen vehicles
procedure--reclaiming vehicle--lien for charges--record
maintenance by towing companies--lienholder repossession,
304.156. Notice to towing company, owner or lienholder, when--storage charges,
when authorized--search of vehicle for ownership
documents--petition, determination of wrongful taking--possessory
lien, new title, how issued--sale of abandoned property by
municipality or county--towing company, new title when.
304.157. Vehicles left unattended or improperly parked on private property of
another, procedure for removal and disposition--violation of
certain required procedure, penalty.
304.158. Notice to owner of abandoned property--duty of real property
owner--liability of towing company--recovery for damages to real
property, when--liability of real property owner for towing
charges, when--information to be displayed on wrecker--towing
charges--storage facility charges, method of
payment--authorization of real property owner to tow, violation,
penalty--ordinances specifying charges--violations of towing
laws, penalties.
304.159. Municipality may prohibit storage of certain vehicles, exceptions.
304.160. Glass, tacks, injurious substances, duty to remove from highway,
304.170. Regulations as to width, height and length of vehicles--tractor
parades permitted.
304.172. Fire-fighting equipment exempt from size restrictions.
304.174. Size and load restrictions not applicable to wreckers, tow trucks,
rollbacks and car carriers, when.
304.180. Regulations as to weight--axle load, tandem axle defined--idle
reduction technology, increase in maximum gross weight permitted,
amount--hauling livestock or milk, total gross weight permitted.
304.181. Buses, axle weight limits.
304.184. Transportation of solid waste, weight restrictions for trucks
and tractor-trailers.
304.190. Height and weight regulations (cities of 75,000 or more)--commercial
zone defined.
304.200. Special permits for oversize or overweight loads--rules for
issuing--when valid.
304.210. Reduction of maximum weight by highways and transportation
304.220. Weight limits on county roads and bridges reduced, when--penalty for
304.230. Enforcement of load laws--commercial vehicle inspectors, powers.
304.232. Municipal law enforcement officers, state highway patrol to approve
certification procedures--fees--requirements--random roadside
inspections prohibited, when--rulemaking authority.
304.235. Commercial vehicles licensed for eighteen thousand pounds or less not
to stop at weigh station or be otherwise
identified--confidentiality rules do not apply to commercial
vehicle enforcement officers, when--penalty for evading weigh
304.240. Violation of load law a misdemeanor--penalty.
304.250. Restriction on use of metal-tired vehicles--penalty.
304.260. Tractors exempt--designation of truck routes by commission.
304.271. Observance of traffic-control devices--presumptions--penalty.
304.281. Rules for traffic where controlled by light signals--right turn on red
light, when--violations, penalty.
304.285. Red light violations by motorcycles or bicycles, affirmative defense,
304.289. Timing of signals, minimum interval times to be established.
304.291. Rules for pedestrians controlled by special signs.
304.301. Rules for vehicular traffic controlled by flashing signals--violation,
304.311. Observance of lane--direction--control signals.
304.321. Unauthorized signal devices prohibited--trafficway not to be used for
signs--nuisances declared.
304.331. Alteration or removal of traffic-control devices prohibited.
304.341. Turns at intersection--violation, penalty.
304.351. Right-of-way at intersection--signs at intersections--violation,
penalty--additional penalties--definitions--order of suspension,
contents, appeal.
304.361. Penalty for violation of sections 304.271 to 304.351.
304.373. Hazardous materials, requirements for transportation--violations,
304.570. Penalty for violations.
304.580. Definitions.
304.582. Fines for moving violations--fines for violations in work or
construction zones--signs required for assessing fines--penalty
for passing in work or construction zones--not applicable to
court costs.
304.585. Endangerment of a highway worker defined--fine, points
assessed--aggravated endangerment of a highway worker, fine,
points assessed--offense not applicable in absence of workers in
zone--no citation or conviction, when.
304.590. Travel safe zone defined--doubling of fine for violation in--signage
304.665. Riding in open bed of truck prohibited, when, exceptions, penalty.
304.670. Collection and maintenance of certain information regarding traffic
law enforcement, analyses to be conducted.
304.678. Distance to be maintained when overtaking a bicycle--violation,
304.705. Certain trucks not to drive in far left lane of certain interstate
highways (St. Charles and Jefferson counties).
304.725. Veterans displaying special license plates or Bronze Star recipient
may park without charge in metered parking--windshield placard
for Bronze Star recipients--exceptions.
304.820. Text messaging and using a hand-held mobile device while operating a
motor vehicle prohibited,
when--exceptions--definitions--violation, penalty.
304.890. Definitions.
304.892. Violations, penalties.
304.894. Offense of endangerment of an emergency responder,

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