Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 311
Liquor Control Law

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August 28, 2013

311.010. Title of law.
311.015. Purpose clause.
311.020. Definition of intoxicating liquor.
311.030. Definition of person.
311.040. Application of law.
311.050. License required.
311.055. License to manufacture not required, personal or family
use--limitation--removal from premises permitted, when.
311.060. Qualifications for licenses--resident corporation and financial
interest defined.
311.061. Stock ownership not deemed financial interest, when.
311.070. Financial interest in retail businesses by certain licensees
prohibited, exceptions--penalties--definitions--activities
permitted between wholesalers and licensees--certain contracts
unenforceable--contributions to certain organizations permitted,
when--sale of Missouri wines only, license issued, when.
311.071. Special events, not-for-profit organizations, contributions of money
permitted, when.
311.080. Sale of liquor prohibited near schools and churches, exceptions.
311.082. Labeling of kegs sold at retail for off-premise consumption,
311.085. License for sale of intoxicating liquor by the drink in unincorporated
areas of county--sale of malt liquor and light wines by drink and in
package, annual fee (first class charter counties).
311.086. Portable bars, entertainment district special
license--definitions--issuance, procedure (Kansas City).
311.087. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.088. Special permit for sale of intoxicating liquor by the drink from 6
a.m. to 3 a.m. the following day--limit on number of permits per
year--fee (Kansas City).
311.089. Sunday liquor sales by the drink, permitted when (St. Louis City,
Kansas City).
311.090. Sale of liquor by the drink, cities, requirements.
311.091. Boat or vessel, liquor sale by drink, requirements, fee--boat defined.
311.092. Liquor by the drink on vessels regularly moored in city of St. Louis.
311.093. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.095. Resorts, seasonal resort restaurants, restaurants, sale of liquor by
the drink, resort defined--temporary license, new businesses, when.
311.096. Common eating and drinking area, defined--licenses for sale of liquor
by the drink not for consumption on premises--fees--extended hours for
convention trade areas.
311.097. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.098. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.099. Controlled access liquor cabinet system for qualified
requirements--temporary license, when--sales to establishment,
311.100. Sale by drink defined.
311.101. Unfinished bottles of wine may be carried out of a restaurant
bar, when--transportation permitted--wineries, unfinished
bottles of wine may be removed, when--transportation
permitted--definition of winery.
311.102. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.104. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.110. Election to determine whether liquor may be sold by drink--procedure.
311.130. Form of ballot.
311.140. Result of election--favorable vote.
311.150. Result of election--unfavorable vote.
311.160. Question may be resubmitted, when--manner.
311.170. Local option provisions applicable only to sales for consumption on
311.174. Convention trade area, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Jackson County,
liquor sale by drink, extended hours for business, requirements,
311.176. Convention trade area, St. Louis City, liquor sale by drink, extended
hours for business, requirements, fee--resort defined.
311.178. Convention trade area, St. Louis County, liquor sale by drink,
extended hours for business, requirements, fee--resort
defined--special permit for liquor sale by drink (Miller, Morgan,
and Camden counties).
311.179. St. Louis Lambert International Airport, special permit to open at
4:00 a.m., fee.
311.180. Manufacturers, wholesalers, solicitors--license fees--wholesalers,
sale to gaming commission licensees, allowed.
311.181. Wholesaler's license to sell malt liquor, geographical area
311.182. Exclusive areas for wholesales--violation of area limitations by
wholesalers or brewers, penalties.
311.185. Shipments of alcohol to residents permitted, when.
311.190. Wine or brandy manufacturer's license, fee--use of materials produced
outside state, limitation, exception--what sales may be made,
311.191. Vintage wine, definition--sale of vintage wine through auction,
authorized sellers--licenses to auction--auction conducted,
where, no consumption, issuance period, fee--shipment out of
state--tastings--auctioneer subject to regulations--penalty.
311.192. Wine manufacturer defined.
311.193. Vintage wine, municipalities may sell by sealed bids--issuance
of license, restrictions--consumption on premises prohibited,
when--shipping--wine tastings--violations, penalty.
311.195. Microbrewery, defined--license, fee--retail license allowed,
procedure--sale to wholesalers allowed, when--certain exemptions,
311.196. Consumption off the premises, sale of beer permitted for restaurant
bar without an on-site brewery, when.
311.197. Samples, furnishing and acceptance of, when.
311.200. Licenses--retail liquor dealers--fees--applications.
311.205. Table tap dispensing of beer permitted, when.
311.210. Application--remittance, made to whom, powers of supervisor.
311.211. Fishing skills contest, ticket sales to participants on premises not
ground to deny license.
311.212. Licenses, suspension or revocation of, violations occurring more than
three years prior, not valid grounds.
311.218. Fourth of July celebrations, temporary permits for wine and malt
liquor for certain organizations, fee.
311.220. Counties and cities may charge for licenses--amount.
311.230. Application for license to manufacture or sell made to supervisor.
311.240. Period of license--federal license required--contents of
311.250. Licenses nontransferable--exceptions.
311.260. More than five licenses by any one person prohibited, exception.
311.265. Retailer going out of business in debt to wholesaler, procedure--new
license prohibited.
311.270. License for sale of malt liquor only--certain restrictions--penalty
for violation.
311.273. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.275. Wholesale-solicitors registration required--primary American source of
supply, defined--vintage wine registration.
311.280. Unlawful for licensed retailer to purchase from other than licensed
wholesaler--prohibited acts.
311.290. Time fixed for opening and closing premises--closed place
311.293. Sunday sales, package liquor licensee allowed, hours, fee--city or
county may also charge fee, limitations--exception.
311.294. Wine and malt beverages, permit to allow tasting on
311.297. Alcohol samples for tasting on and off licensed retail premises, when.
311.298. Certain holidays, sale by the drink on Sunday allowed.
311.299. Warning sign displayed, liquor licenses--violations.
311.300. Persons eighteen years of age or older may sell or handle intoxicating
liquor, when.
311.310. Sale to minor--certain other persons,
misdemeanor--exceptions--permitting drinking or possession by a
minor, penalty, exception--defenses.
311.320. Misrepresentation of age by minor to obtain liquor--use of altered
driver's license, passport or I.D. cards, penalties.
311.325. Purchase or possession by minor, a misdemeanor--container need not be
opened and contents verified, when--consent to chemical testing
deemed given, when--burden of proof on violator to prove not
intoxicating liquor--section not applicable to certain students,
311.326. Expungement of record permitted, when.
311.328. Identification, acceptable forms.
311.329. Reproduction or alteration of identification card, penalty.
311.330. Unauthorized liquors prohibited on premises licensed for sale by
drink, exceptions.
311.332. Wholesale price regulation, discrimination prohibited--delivery to
certain organizations for nonresale purposes, allowed
when--donation permitted, when.
311.333. Wholesalers, returns of alcoholic beverages to, supervisor to
regulate--wholesaler pricing to be made available to retailers,
311.334. (Repealed L. 2009 H.B. 132 A)
311.335. Liquor sales by wholesalers, delivery price--delayed shipment--sale of
close-out merchandise permitted, when.
311.336. (Repealed L. 2009 H.B. 132 A)
311.338. Violation of wholesale price regulations, misdemeanor--suspension of
311.340. Mixing liquor with drugs prohibited.
311.355. Manufacturer rebate coupons by wholesalers, regulation of.
311.360. Misrepresentation of brand of liquor unlawful, penalty--exceptions.
311.370. Liquor in storage--report to supervisor, when--contents of report.
311.373. Beer required to be in possession of licensed wholesaler prior to sale
at retail.
311.380. Warehouse receipts--unlawful to sell or give away--penalty.
311.390. Duty of carriers to furnish certain information--penalty for
311.400. Unclaimed shipments of liquor may be sold.
311.401. Repossessed liquor, sale by lending institution, when--no license
311.410. Transportation of intoxicating liquor into or through state, when
311.420. Transporter's license--fee--bond--qualifications--certain carriers
311.430. Revocation of transporter's license.
311.440. Transporter's license to be exhibited to officers, when.
311.450. Bill of lading to accompany transported alcoholic
311.460. Violation of sections 311.410 to 311.450, penalty.
311.462. Interstate reciprocal wine shipments, allowed when,
limitations--solicitation prohibited.
311.470. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
311.480. Eating places, drinking of intoxicating liquor on premises, license
required, when, hours--regulations--penalties--exceptions.
311.481. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1498 A)
311.482. Temporary permit for sale by drink may be issued to certain
organizations, when, duration--collection of sales taxes, notice
to director of revenue.
311.483. Festivals, temporary permit to sell liquor by the drink, procedure.
311.485. Temporary location for liquor by the drink, caterers--permit and fee
required--other laws applicable.
311.486. Special license, drink at retail for consumption on the premises,
when--duration of license--fees.
311.487. Annual license for beer and wine sales at state fair, issued when,
fee--subject to laws of municipality.
311.489. Permit for sales at specified festival events, issued
when--promotional association defined--procedure--permit holder
responsible for any alcohol violations, civil fine--expires, when
(Kansas City).
311.490. Ingredients of beer--intoxicating malt liquor.
311.500. Inspection of breweries--by whom.
311.510. Inspection of malt liquors--duty of supervisor.
311.520. Fee for inspecting and gauging malt liquors.
311.530. Inspection of beer--exported out of state.
311.540. Liquor inspection, labeling and gauging--requirements.
311.550. Additional revenue charges--fines and penalties.
311.553. Monthly returns and payment of additional charges required--failure to
pay, penalty.
311.554. Privilege of selling wine, additional revenue
charges--purpose--Missouri wine and grape fund
created--limitation on use of revenue.
311.555. Bond--failure to file--forfeiture.
311.557. License, revocation.
311.561. Charges, how paid and collected.
311.580. Possession of illegal or untaxed liquor prohibited--manufacturers,
blenders and wholesalers excepted, when.
311.600. Unlawful to sell unlabeled liquor--penalty.
311.610. Supervisor of liquor control--appointment, bond, duties,
assistants--minimum compensation provided.
311.615. Division of liquor control established, duties.
311.620. Qualification and requirements of agent, assistant, deputy, or
311.630. Peace officers--authorized to make arrests for certain
violations--method of selection--duty of supervisor.
311.640. Supervisor--employees not permitted to have interest in liquor
311.650. Offices of supervisor.
311.660. Powers of supervisor--regulations--subpoenas.
311.665. Sales and use tax must be paid to obtain license--statement required.
311.670. Failure of supervisor and employees to perform duties.
311.680. Disorderly place, warning, probation, suspension or revocation of
license, when, notice--civil penalties--meet and confer
opportunity, when.
311.685. Civil actions permitted, when.
311.691. Review by administrative hearing commission.
311.710. Additional complaints--by whom made--procedure.
311.720. License automatically revoked upon conviction--exceptions.
311.722. Alcohol and tobacco control, minors not to be used in enforcement,
exceptions--standards--minors immune from liability, when.
311.730. Fees paid into general revenue fund.
311.740. Maintaining public nuisance--penalty.
311.750. Action to enjoin nuisance--procedure.
311.760. Penalty for violation of terms of injunction.
311.770. Duty of prosecuting attorney--failure to perform.
311.780. List of complaints, revocations, suspensions to prosecuting
attorneys--attorney general, when.
311.790. Prosecution of violations, by whom--fees and expenses.
311.800. Attorney general may direct prosecuting attorneys to conduct
311.810. Search warrants, how issued--search and
seizure--procedure--arrests--disposition of perishable products.
311.820. Search of vehicles for contraband liquor--use of evidence found.
311.830. Transported liquor and vehicle to be seized as contraband, when.
311.840. Action to forfeit seized liquor as
contraband--notice--intervention--judgment--appeal--sale of
forfeited liquor--liability of officers--prosecutor's duties.
311.850. Action to replevin seized liquor, limitations,
procedure--damages--appeals--sale of seized liquor--duties of
prosecuting officials.
311.860. Fees and mileage of officers executing search warrants.
311.868. Fines for violations by manufacturers and distillers to supersede
other penalties.
311.870. Execution on default by corporation in payment of fine.
311.880. Violation a misdemeanor--penalty.

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