Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 324
Occupations and Professions General Provisions

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August 28, 2013

324.001. Division of professional registration established, duties--boards and
commissions assigned to--reference to division in statutes.
324.002. Complaint procedure to be established by boards and commissions.
324.007. Military education, training, and service to be accepted toward
qualifications for licensure--rulemaking authority.
324.008. Nonresident military spouse, temporary courtesy license to be issued
upon transfer of active duty military spouse, when--rulemaking
324.010. No delinquent taxes, condition for renewal of certain professional
324.014. License status, change in to be reported to current employer by
licensing body.
324.016. Contingent effective date for statutory requirements of the
division--borrowing of funds permitted, when.
324.017. Disclosure of complaints, requirements.
324.021. Appointments to boards, affirmative action required.
324.022. Rulemaking authority.
324.024. Applications to contain Social Security numbers, exceptions.
324.026. Orientation program for appointees required, purpose.
324.028. Forfeiture of membership on board or council for missing meetings.
324.029. Felony conviction not a bar to licensure, when.
324.031. Collection and deposit of fees, requirements.
324.032. Registry of licenses, permits, and certificates issued,
contents--copying of registry information.
324.034. Destruction of records permitted, when--reproductions may be used as
originals, when--records and documents defined.
324.036. Fee collection, accounting, and deposit, division may contract for
324.038. Issuance of license subject to probation permitted, when, procedure.
324.039. Classification created for licensees removing themselves from
licensing system.
324.041. Testing positive for a controlled substance, presumption of illegal
324.042. Additional discipline permitted, when.
324.043. Statute of limitations for disciplinary proceedings--notice
requirements--tolling, when.
324.045. Default decision entered, when--set aside, when--good cause defined.
324.050. Occupational therapy practice act--definitions.
324.056. License to practice required, when--supervision of occupational
therapy assistants.
324.059. Exceptions to licensing requirements.
324.063. Missouri board of occupational therapy, members, terms, removal.
324.065. Board duties, meetings, compensation--rules, procedure.
324.068. Division of professional registration duties.
324.071. Application for a license--certification, when.
324.074. Missouri board of occupational therapy fund created.
324.077. Limited permit issued, when.
324.080. Renewal notice sent, when--inactive status granted, when.
324.083. (Repealed L. 2001 H.B. 567 A)
324.086. Refusal to issue license, when--notification of applicant--complaint
324.089. Violations of sections 324.050 to 324.089.
324.125. Clinical perfusionist licensure act.
324.128. Definitions.
324.130. Application eligibility, when.
324.133. License by examination.
324.136. Application procedure, fees, qualifications.
324.139. Competency examination, notification of results.
324.141. License displayed prominently at location of practice.
324.144. Expiration of a license--board may establish by rule--renewal of a
license, when.
324.147. Issuance of a license by the board, when--provisional license, when.
324.150. Waiver of examination and education requirements by the board, when.
324.153. Compensation for and use of the title of licensed clinical
perfusionist, when--penalty.
324.156. Exceptions to requirements of sections 324.125 to 324.183.
324.159. Board duties.
324.162. Complaints filed with the board, information file kept, contents.
324.165. Board, rules adopted, when--disposition of complaints, procedure.
324.168. Compliance with licensing requirements, rules by the board.
324.171. Refusal to issue a certificate of registration or authority, permit,
or license, when.
324.174. Board duties--request for assistance, registry of licensed
perfusionists--violations, penalty.
324.177. Advisory commission for clinical perfusionists established, duties,
members, expenses, compensation, removal.
324.180. Commission meetings, when--quorum.
324.183. Promulgation of rules by the board, limitations.
324.200. Dietitian practice act--definitions.
324.203. State committee of dietitians established, membership, terms, removal,
qualifications, compensation, meetings, quorum, powers and
324.205. Title of licensed dietitian, use permitted, when--penalty.
324.206. Permitted acts by persons not holding themselves out as dietitians.
324.207. Practice of medicine prohibited, when.
324.210. Qualifications of applicant for licensure--examination required,
324.212. Applications for licensure, fees--renewal notices--dietitian fund
324.215. Issuance of license, when--reciprocity--reexamination, limitations.
324.216. Inactive licensure status permitted--practice not permitted while
on inactive status.
324.217. Refusal to issue or renew license, when--complaint filed against
licensee, when--hearing procedures--maintenance of complaints
filed--recommendation for prosecution.
324.220. Authority of division.
324.225. Insurance reimbursement for services not mandated.
324.228. Rulemaking authority--nonseverability, when.
324.240. Definitions.
324.243. Board of therapeutic massage, members, terms, meetings, removal,
324.245. Authority of board--rulemaking--massage therapy fund.
324.247. Massage business, license required, application, fee, discipline for
failure to obtain.
324.250. Massage business, issuance of licenses, when--renewal--posting
324.252. Massage business licenses, nontransferable and nonassignable.
324.255. Survey inspections, when.
324.257. Report of inspection findings, deficiencies--complaint.
324.260. Complaints against massage business or therapist, procedure.
324.262. Refusal to issue, suspension or revocation of license of business or
therapist, when--procedure--limitation of liability.
324.265. Massage therapists, qualifications of applicants--waiver,
when--licensure term, renewal--student license, when--provisional
license, when--exemptions--exemptions for certain therapists
licensed in other jurisdictions.
324.267. Criminal background check authorized, cost.
324.270. Massage or body work titles prohibited, when--division or board may
contract for legal services for enforcement of chapter.
324.272. Preemption clause.
324.273. Duties of division.
324.275. Violation--penalty.
324.400. Definitions.
324.402. State and local governments prohibited from requiring use of
registered interior designers.
324.403. Title of registered interior designer, use, when.
324.406. Interior design council created, members, terms, removal for cause.
324.409. Qualifications for registration.
324.412. Powers and duties of division--rulemaking.
324.415. Applications for registration, form--penalties.
324.418. Certificate of registration, renewal.
324.421. Waiver of examination, when.
324.424. Fees--interior designer council fund, use.
324.427. Unlawful use of title of registered interior designer.
324.430. Designation as registered interior designer prohibited, when.
324.433. Right to use title, nontransferable.
324.436. Refusal to issue, renew or reinstate certificate, when--complaint
filed, procedure.
324.439. Violation--penalty.
324.475. Definitions.
324.478. Missouri acupuncturist advisory committee created, duties, members,
324.481. Duties of board--rulemaking authority--acupuncturist fund created, use
324.484. Persons exempt from licensing requirements.
324.487. Qualifications for licensure.
324.490. Expiration of licenses.
324.493. Restoration of license, procedure.
324.496. Authority of the board--complaints, procedure--limitation of
324.499. Violations, penalty--right to sue.
324.520. Definitions--tattooing, branding, body piercing, prohibited, when,
324.522. Licensing required, when--rulemaking authority.
324.523. Complaint may be filed with administrative hearing commission, when,
procedure--discipline authorized, when.
324.524. Tattoo fund.
324.526. Temporary license issued, when.
324.600. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.603. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.606. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.609. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.612. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.615. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.618. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.621. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.624. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.627. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.630. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.635. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.700. Definitions.
324.703. License required for persons engaged in the business of housemoving.
324.706. License issued, when.
324.709. Effective date of license--annual renewal.
324.712. Certificate of insurance required.
324.715. Special permit required, issued when--license not required, when,
escort vehicles required.
324.718. Application procedure for special permit--travel plan required,
alternate plans permitted.
324.721. Obstructions to be removed and replaced at expense of housemover.
324.724. Alternate route used, when.
324.727. No house in highway right-of-way without permission.
324.730. Visibility and unsafe weather conditions, restrictions on move.
324.733. Voiding of permit, when.
324.736. Local ordinances complied with, moves on municipal streets.
324.739. Speed of moves, limitations.
324.742. Violations, penalty.
324.745. Severability clause--applicability exceptions.
324.1100. Definitions.
324.1102. Board created, duties, members, qualifications, terms--fund created,
use of moneys.
324.1103. Duties of division.
324.1104. Prohibited acts.
324.1106. Persons deemed not to be engaging in private investigation business.
324.1107. Private fire investigation, deemed not engaging in, when.
324.1108. Application for licensure, contents--qualifications.
324.1109. Private fire investigators, owner seeking agency license must have
investigator license, requirements.
324.1110. Licensure requirements.
324.1112. Denial of a request for licensure, when.
324.1114. Fee required--license for individuals only, agency license must be
applied for separately.
324.1116. Agency hiring criteria.
324.1118. Licensure required--prohibited acts.
324.1120. Supervision of agency employees required, when.
324.1122. Continuing education requirements.
324.1124. Form of license, contents--posting requirements.
324.1126. Expiration of license, when--renewal--licensee responsible for good
conduct of employees.
324.1128. Information regarding criminal offenses, licensee to divulge as
required by law--prohibited acts.
324.1130. Records to be maintained--required filings.
324.1132. Advertising requirements.
324.1134. Licensure sanctions permitted, procedure--complaint may be filed with
administrative hearing commission--disciplinary action
authorized, when.
324.1136. Record-keeping requirements--investigatory powers of the board.
324.1138. Rulemaking authority.
324.1140. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
324.1142. Falsification of required information, penalties.
324.1144. Reciprocity.
324.1146. Licensure of law enforcement officers, qualifications.
324.1147. Civil and criminal liability, no immunity, when.
324.1148. Violations, penalty.

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