Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 330

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August 28, 2013

330.010. Definitions, ankle surgery, requirements for performing.
330.020. Practice of podiatric medicine--license.
330.030. Issuance of license--qualifications--examination--fees--reciprocity
with other states.
330.040. Contents of examination--grading.
330.045. Board of podiatric medicine to establish rules for license
330.050. Form of license--display required.
330.065. Temporary license, interns/residents, qualifications--fee.
330.070. Renewal of licensure, application, contents--postgraduate study
required--failure to receive renewal form, effect.
330.080. License renewal fee, when paid.
330.090. Retirement of a person engaged in practice of podiatric medicine.
330.095. Issuance of inactive license, when.
330.100. Establishment of board--meetings.
330.110. Board of podiatric
330.130. Quorum.
330.140. Organization of board--power to make rules and set fees--rulemaking,
330.150. Fees, collection and disposition--board fund established, transferred
to general revenue, when.
330.160. Denial, revocation, or suspension of certificate, grounds for.
330.180. Chapter not applicable to surgical officers of the Army, or certain
330.190. Board to enforce law and employ personnel.
330.195. Injunction used to enjoin practicing podiatry without a license or
license holder who is a substantially serious danger to health and
safety, venue.
330.200. Evidence of practice.
330.210. Fraud, false representation, unlicensed practice--penalty.

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