Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 334
Physicians and Surgeons--Therapists--Athletic Trainers--Health Care

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August 28, 2013

334.001. Open records subject to release--board disclosure of confidential
information, when.
334.002. Inactive license status granted, when.
334.010. Unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery prohibited--practice of
medicine across state lines, definition.
334.020. Board defined.
334.021. Reference to terms in prior laws, how construed--no hiring
discrimination permitted based on medical degree held.
334.031. Qualifications of candidates for licenses.
334.035. Application for permanent license, postgraduate training requirement.
334.040. Examination of applicants, how conducted, grades required, time
limitations, extensions.
334.043. Reciprocity--reciprocal compacts--fee.
334.044. Gratuitous medical services, summer camps, physician licensed in other
state may perform, when.
334.045. Temporary license granted, when, fee--conditional temporary license
issued, when, limitations, expires when--no renewal.
334.046. Temporary license to teach for physicians, requirements--interns or
residents from adjoining states may act in this state,
requirements--waivers granted for temporarily licensed physicians
seeking permanent license.
334.047. License to show degree held by licensee--use on stationery and
displays required.
334.050. Board fund created, use--funds transferred to general revenue,
when--examination and reexamination fees.
334.070. Issuance of certificates of registration to licensees,
contents--relocation, notification required.
334.073. Continuing medical education on autism required.
334.075. Renewal of certificate, minimum continuing education requirement,
exception, retired physicians.
334.080. Licensees to renew registration, when--application, content--failure
to renew, effect.
334.090. Fees, amounts, how set.
334.097. Medical records, maintenance of, requirements, contents--corrections,
additions, and changes.
334.098. Disposition of certain records.
334.099. Contested hearing, when, procedure--revocation of license,
when--hearing to resume practice, when--rulemaking authority.
334.100. Denial, revocation or suspension of license, alternatives, grounds
for--reinstatement provisions.
334.101. List, publication of all licensees and of persons whose licenses have
been revoked, when--reports of disciplinary actions, exception,
voluntary entrance into treatment programs.
334.102. Emergency suspension or restriction, when, procedure--removal from
record, when--disciplinary proceedings permitted, when--judicial
review, when.
334.103. Automatic revocation or reinstatement of license, grounds.
334.104. Collaborative practice arrangements, form, contents, delegation of
authority--rules, approval, restrictions--disciplinary
actions--notice of collaborative practice or physician assistant
agreements to board, when--certain nurses may provide anesthesia
services, when--contract limitations.
334.105. Intractable pain treatment act--definitions.
334.106. Intractable pain treatment physician may prescribe controlled
substances for therapeutic purposes, requirements--exceptions.
334.107. Improperly prescribing controlled substances and failure to keep
required records grounds for license denial, suspension or revocation.
334.108. Internet prescriptions and treatment, establishment of
physician-patient relationship required.
334.110. Retired licensees not required to register.
334.112. Limited license to practice medicine, requirements--limitations of
334.120. Board created--members, appointment, qualifications, terms,
334.123. Organization of board--employment of executive director and
employees--meetings--records as evidence--quorum.
334.125. Seal--regulations--offices--rulemaking, procedure, this chapter.
334.127. Subpoenas for witnesses, administration of oaths--enforcing subpoena,
334.128. Investigation and hearings, persons participating not to be liable for
civil damages, when.
334.150. Treatments of ill excepted from regulation by this chapter.
334.153. Intervention pain management, practice of only by licensed physician,
when--board to promulgate rules--expiration date.
334.155. Applicability of chapter.
334.157. Board to promulgate certain rules relating to vaccines and
334.160. Right of school to recognition, how determined.
334.170. Issuance or acceptance of false diploma or certificate, misdemeanor.
334.190. Practice of midwifery limited.
334.230. Unlawful practices, injunction procedure.
334.240. Investigation and commencement of prosecutions.
334.245. Abortions, only physicians to perform--violations, penalty.
334.250. Unlawful practice, fraudulent filing of license or identification,
334.252. Physicians prohibited referral to certain physical therapists,
334.253. Physicians prohibited referral to certain physical therapists, when,
financial relationship, defined--exceptions, effective when.
334.260. Midwives licensed.
334.265. Intoxicated person, motor vehicle accident, treatment for injuries,
physician may report to law enforcement agencies, rule of
confidentiality not to apply.
334.400. Definitions.
334.402. Anesthesiologist assistants, may assist in anesthesia care plan
for patients, activities authorized and prohibited--identification,
assistants and students--faculty members of anesthesia program,
334.404. Licensure, application, fee, contents--license duration--renewal--lost
or stolen license, replacement of.
334.406. Temporary license issued, when, procedure.
334.408. Inactive license status granted, when--return to active status,
334.410. Retirement, affidavit to be filed with board--renewal of
registration for resumption of practice.
334.412. Licensure without examination permitted, when--reciprocal
compacts permitted.
334.414. Certificate of registration issued, when--rules promulgated by
board--authority of board--complaint procedure--penalty.
334.416. Renewal of certificate of registration, when, procedure, fee.
334.418. Certificate required to practice, not required, when.
334.420. Continuing education requirements, waiver of requirements, when.
334.422. Fees, deposit in board of registration for the healing arts fund,
use of funds.
334.424. Supervision required by anesthesiologist, limitations--written
practice protocol required.
334.426. Hospitals may limit function of anesthesiologist assistants,
334.428. Anesthesiologist assistant, use of title permitted, when--penalty.
334.430. Advisory commission for anesthesiologist assistants established,
duties, members, qualifications, terms, vacancies, compensation,
annual meetings.
334.500. Definitions.
334.506. Physical therapists may provide certain services without prescription
or direction of an approved health care provider,
334.507. Continuing education requirements.
334.510. License required, effective when.
334.520. Board to license.
334.525. Inactive license status permitted, when, procedure.
334.530. Qualifications for license--examinations, scope.
334.540. License without examination, when--reciprocal agreements authorized.
334.550. Temporary license, issuance, fees.
334.560. Examination fees, reexamination.
334.570. Certificate of registration--notice to renew--fees--display of
certificate, requirements.
334.580. Registration, fee.
334.600. Affidavit of retirement.
334.601. Fees to be set by board.
334.602. Patient record documentation requirements.
334.610. License to practice required, exceptions--unauthorized use of titles
334.611. Examination not required, when.
334.612. Complaints by persons incarcerated, no documentation or disciplinary
action permitted, when--destruction of records permitted, when.
334.613. Refusal to issue or renew a license, procedure--complaint may be
filed, when, requirements for proceedings on--disciplinary action
334.614. Licensed physical therapists, board to publish list of and make a
report on disciplinary actions available to the public.
334.615. Clear and present danger, information to be brought to
board--sanctioning authority--hearing required, when, procedure.
334.616. Automatic revocation of licensure, when.
334.617. Injunction or restraining order authorized, when.
334.618. Investigation and filing of complaints for violations.
334.620. Short title.
334.625. Advisory commission for physical therapists created--powers and
duties--appointment, terms, expenses, compensation, staff,
meetings, quorum.
334.650. Physical therapist assistant, license required--supervision by
licensed physical therapist.
334.655. Physical therapist assistant, required age, evidence of character and
education, educational requirements--board examination,
applications--written examination--examination
topics--examination not required, when.
334.660. Reciprocity with other states.
334.665. Temporary license--fee authorized--expires, when.
334.670. Examination fee.
334.675. Renewal of license, application, fee--display of license,
334.680. Fees deposited in state treasury.
334.685. Retirement of physical therapist assistant, affidavit.
334.686. Titles authorized.
334.687. Rulemaking authority.
334.700. Short title.
334.702. Definitions.
334.704. Athletic trainers required to be licensed.
334.706. Board of healing arts, powers and duties--rules and regulations,
334.708. Qualifications of athletic trainers seeking licensure.
334.710. Licensure forms and fee--deposit of fees.
334.712. License issued, when--content.
334.715. Refusal to issue or renew license, grounds, alternatives--complaint
procedure--reinstatement, procedure.
334.717. Missouri athletic trainer advisory committee, appointment--members,
qualifications, terms, vacancies.
334.719. Athletic trainers prior to September 28, 1983, compliance period.
334.720. Compensation of board members.
334.721. Athletic trainers not to be construed as practicing medicine--persons
exempt from registration provision.
334.725. Violations, penalty.
334.735. Definitions--scope of practice--prohibited activities--board of
healing arts to administer licensing program--supervision
agreements--duties and liability of physicians.
334.736. Physician assistants, temporary license, requirements, fees, renewal.
334.737. Certifying entity to register with department--information
required--approval or termination of certification after review
and public hearing.
334.738. License, application, form, fee, not refundable--requirements--license
issued, when--destroyed license replacement, fee.
334.740. Title of licensed profession--used only by licensed persons--service
may be performed without licensure, when--violation, penalty.
334.741. Revocation or suspension, notice to department, requirement--list of
licensed persons to be available.
334.742. Nonresident of Missouri may apply for licensure, requirements.
334.743. Rulemaking, procedure--rules effective, when, void, when.
334.745. Fees deposited in board of registration for the healing arts fund.
334.746. Staff for health care provider--certification.
334.747. Prescribing controlled substances authorized, when--supervising
334.748. Physician assistant, notice required to be posted that assistant is
serving--hospital may limit assistant's activities.
334.749. Advisory commission for physician assistants, established,
responsibilities--appointments to commission,
members--compensation--annual meeting, elections.
334.800. Title of act--definitions.
334.810. Practice of respiratory care, definition--practice, where--practice,
special training required, when--rules and regulations, authority to
334.820. License required--practice of medicine not authorized.
334.830. Missouri board for respiratory care created, members,
appointment--terms--physician member--public member--hospital
administrator member--respiratory therapist member--removal of a
334.840. Board chairperson elected, vice chairperson--rules and regulations,
adoption by board--compensation and expenses.
334.850. Personnel provided through division of professional registration,
334.860. Promulgation of rules, authority.
334.870. Licensing requirements, background checks.
334.880. License renewal--inactive status.
334.890. Six-month education permit, requirements--supervision required,
when--conditional permit issued, when.
334.900. Individuals and activities not limited by respiratory care practice
334.910. Complaints received by the board, investigation, subpoenas,
petitions, filing complaint with administrative hearing
334.920. Board powers--disciplining and sanctions--violations, penalty.
334.930. Immunity from liability for emergency care.
334.950. Collaboration between providers and medical resource

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