Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 338
Pharmacists and Pharmacies

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August 28, 2013

338.010. Practice of pharmacy defined--auxiliary personnel--written protocol
required, when--nonprescription drugs--rulemaking
authority--therapeutic plan requirements--veterinarian defined.
338.013. Pharmacy technician to register with board of pharmacy, fees,
application, renewal--refusal to issue, when--employee
disqualification list maintained, use.
338.015. Patient's freedom of choice to obtain prescription services,
waiver--consultation and advice.
338.020. Application for license--requirements--examination--oath--penalty.
338.030. Applicant--requirements for qualification.
338.035. Application, contents--intern pharmacist--board shall promulgate
rules, procedure.
338.040. License issued without examination, when--reciprocity--equivalency
338.043. Temporary license--eligibility--renewal.
338.050. Pharmacist license, issued when, period covered.
338.055. Denial, revocation or suspension of license, grounds for--expedited
procedure--additional discipline authorized, when.
338.056. Generic substitutions may be made, when, form required for
prescription blanks, exception--penalty.
338.057. (Repealed L. 2009 S.B. 296 A)
338.059. Prescriptions, how labeled.
338.060. Renewal of license or permit--late renewal or failure to renew,
effect--continuing education requirements--inactive license issued
when--changed to active, procedure.
338.065. Disciplinary hearings--grounds for discipline.
338.067. Revocation and restoration of license--conditions.
338.070. Fees, amount, how set, collection, disposition--fund, created, use,
funds transferred to general revenue, when.
338.080. Display of license or renewal required.
338.090. Sale of poisons--regulations.
338.095. Prescription, drug order, defined--telephone prescription,
defined--prescription and medical information may be provided,
338.100. Records required to be kept--requirements.
338.110. Board of pharmacy, members, qualifications, terms.
338.120. Board of pharmacy--organization.
338.130. Compensation of board members, personnel.
338.132. Board of pharmacy, salary schedule for employees to be established.
338.140. Board of pharmacy, powers, duties--advisory committee, appointment,
duties--letters of reprimand, censure or warning.
338.145. Board president may administer oaths and issue subpoenas--enforcement
of subpoenas.
338.150. Inspections by authorized representatives of board, where--testing
program authorized--rulemaking authority.
338.155. Immunity from civil liability, when.
338.170. Title of pharmacist--used by whom.
338.180. Prosecution of offenders.
338.185. Board has access to certain court records.
338.190. Violation of law by licensee--penalty.
338.195. Violation of law by person not licensed--penalty.
338.196. Prescription by practitioner licensed in another state, may be
filled, requirement.
338.198. Pharmacist may fill prescription forwarded by authorized agent.
338.200. Pharmacist may dispense emergency prescription, when,
requirements--rulemaking authority.
338.210. Pharmacy defined--practice of pharmacy to be conducted at pharmacy
location--rulemaking authority.
338.220. Operation of pharmacy without permit or license unlawful--application
for permit, classifications, fee--duration of permit.
338.230. Disposition of fees.
338.240. Evidence required for issuance of permit--veterinary permit pharmacy,
designation of supervising registered pharmacist, when.
338.250. Equipment required--manner of operation of pharmacy--compliance with
state and federal laws required.
338.255. Specific prescription or nonprescription drugs or devices, no
requirement to carry.
338.260. Business name not to include certain words unless supervised by
pharmacist--historical names permitted--board of pharmacy may
338.270. Renewal applications to be made, when.
338.280. Board of pharmacy, rules and regulations.
338.285. Board may file complaint, when, where filed.
338.290. Appeals from decision of board, notice of right.
338.300. Permit to be posted--not transferable.
338.310. Violation, a misdemeanor.
338.314. Inspection of pharmacy within certain facilities
authorized--applicability of law.
338.315. Receipt of drugs from unlicensed distributor or pharmacy,
unlawful--penalty--pharmacy-to-pharmacy transfers, limit--legend
drugs, inventories and records--rulemaking authority.
338.320. Committee established, purpose, members, duties--sunset provision.
338.321. Interim committee created, purpose, members--report.
338.330. Definitions.
338.333. License required, temporary licenses may be granted--out-of-state
distributors, reciprocity allowed, when.
338.335. Separate licenses required, when--exemptions.
338.337. Out-of-state distributors, licenses required, exception.
338.340. Sale of drugs, out-of-state distributor, license required.
338.343. Records to be maintained and be available for board inspection.
338.347. Renewal of license, application.
338.350. Board of pharmacy to promulgate rules and regulations--procedure.
338.353. Discipline of licensee, grounds--procedure--administrative hearing
commission to conduct hearing.
338.357. Sanction imposed by board, when.
338.360. Inspection of premises allowed, when.
338.365. Injunction may be issued, when, procedure.
338.370. Penalties.
338.380. Refusal to issue a certificate, when--impaired license committee
authorized, duties, procedures.
338.400. Standard of care, definitions, rules.
338.500. Gross retail prescriptions, tax imposed, definitions.
338.501. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 286 A merged with H.B. 600 A)
338.505. Formula for tax liability, rulemaking authority, appeals procedure.
338.510. Records to be maintained, form--report of gross receipts,
information--confidentiality of information.
338.515. Effective date of tax.
338.520. Calculation of tax liability--notification to pharmacies--quarterly
adjustment authorized.
338.525. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 286 A)
338.530. Offset against Medicaid payments due by pharmacy permitted, when.
338.535. Remittance to department--pharmacy reimbursement allowance fund
338.540. Notice requirements--unpaid or delinquent taxes, procedure for
collection--failure to pay taxes, effect of.
338.545. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 286 A merged with H.B. 600 A)
338.550. Expiration date of tax, when.
338.600. Criteria for audit--appeals process to be established--report to be
provided--applicability exceptions.
338.650. Fund established, use of moneys.

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