Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 346
Hearing Aid Fitters and Dealers

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August 28, 2013

346.007. Title of act.
346.010. Definitions.
346.015. License required--exception--penalty for violation.
346.020. Purchase agreement, contents.
346.025. Purchasers under eighteen--outside examination required.
346.030. Inapplicability of law, when.
346.035. Exempt profession.
346.045. Registration, when, fee--license issued, when.
346.050. (Repealed L. 2013 S.B. 330 A)
346.055. Requirements for license by examination.
346.060. Examination, written and practical required.
346.065. Examinations, when held.
346.070. Temporary permit issued, when.
346.075. Fee for temporary permit--supervision and training required for
temporary permit holder.
346.080. Temporary permit renewed, when--temporary license issued, when--bond
required for temporary licensee.
346.085. Examination--standards to be promulgated.
346.090. Licensee to report address of business to board, record to be
kept--notices, sent where.
346.095. Renewal, fee, completion of educational program and calibration of
equipment required--late renewal, fee, limit.
346.100. Complaints against licensees, how made, hearing--sanctions--records.
346.105. Denial, revocation, or suspension of license, grounds for.
346.110. Prohibited acts.
346.115. Powers and duties of division.
346.120. Board of examiners for hearing instrument specialists--qualifications,
terms, appointment, compensation and expenses of members.
346.125. Board, duties.
346.130. Board meetings, when.
346.135. Hearing instrument specialist fund, created, uses--amount of fund to
346.137. Licensure under other chapters.
346.250. Violations of law, penalties.

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