Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 358
Uniform Partnership Law

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August 28, 2013

358.010. Name of law.
358.020. Definitions.
358.030. Interpretation of knowledge and notice.
358.040. Rules of construction.
358.050. Rules for cases not provided for in this law.
358.060. Partnership defined.
358.065. Partnerships to register fictitious names, procedure.
358.070. Rules for determining the existence of a partnership.
358.080. Partnership property.
358.090. Partner agent of partnership as to partnership business.
358.100. Conveyance of real property of the partnership.
358.110. Partnership bound by admission of partner.
358.120. Partnership charged with knowledge of or notice to partner.
358.130. Partnership bound by partner's wrongful act.
358.140. Partnership bound by partner's breach of trust.
358.150. Nature of partner's liability.
358.160. Partner by estoppel.
358.170. Liability of incoming partner.
358.180. Rules determining rights and duties of partners.
358.190. Partnership books.
358.200. Duty of partners to render information.
358.210. Partner accountable as a fiduciary.
358.220. Right to an account.
358.230. Continuation of partnership beyond fixed term.
358.240. Extent of property rights of a partner.
358.250. Nature of a partner's right in specific partnership property.
358.260. Nature of partner's interest in the partnership.
358.270. Assignment of partner's interest.
358.280. Partner's interest subject to charging order.
358.290. Dissolution defined.
358.300. Partnership not terminated by dissolution.
358.310. Causes of dissolution.
358.320. Dissolution by decree of court.
358.330. General effect of dissolution on authority of partner.
358.340. Right of partner to contribution from copartners after dissolution.
358.350. Power of partner to bind partnership to third persons after
358.360. Effect of dissolution of partner's existing liability.
358.370. Right to wind up.
358.371. Disposal of claims, notice of dissolution.
358.380. Rights of partners to application of partnership property.
358.390. Rights where partnership is dissolved for fraud or misrepresentation.
358.400. Rules for distribution.
358.410. Liability of persons continuing the business in certain cases.
358.420. Rights of retiring or estate of deceased partner when the business
is continued.
358.430. Accrual of actions.
358.440. Registration as a limited liability partnership--renewals--withdrawal
of registration--amendment--revocation, effect--fees--false
statements, penalty--foreign partnership requirements.
358.450. Registered limited liability partnership, L.L.P. or LLP to be used
as last words or letters in partnership name.
358.460. Reservation of exclusive right to use of a name, procedure to
reserve, time period--fee--transfer of name permitted--cancellation,
procedure, fee.
358.470. Partnership must maintain an office and registered agent in
state--change of office address or agent, procedure--fees--failure to
appoint successor agent, cancellation of partnership.
358.480. Filing with secretary of state becomes notice of all facts in
applications, renewals or certificate of amendment.
358.490. Fees charged for copies of partnership papers filed with secretary of
state--certificate of good standing of partnership may be issued
by secretary of state, fee.
358.500. Legal existence of a registered limited liability partnership to be
recognized--partnership formed in other jurisdictions, effect.
358.501. Additional five dollars on every fee charged to partnership collected
by secretary of state, where deposited.
358.510. Domestic limited partnership may become a registered limited liability
limited partnership by compliance with requirements,
effect--foreign limited partnerships, registration, effect.
358.520. Merger or consolidation of a domestic general partnership,

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