Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 447
Lost and Unclaimed Property
Section 447.547

August 28, 2014

Law of abandoned property not applicable, when.

447.547. 1. Sections 447.500 to 447.595 shall not affect property the title to which is vested in a holder by the operation of a statute of limitations prior to August 13, 1984, nor to any property held in a fiduciary capacity that was unclaimed property prior to August 13, 1974. This subsection shall not apply to property the title to which is vested in the holder when the holder is a federal, state, or local government or governmental subdivision, agency, entity, officer, or appointee thereof.

2. Payment and delivery of unclaimed property to the treasurer is not barred by statutes of limitations when title to the property has not vested in the holder prior to August 13, 1984.

3. Sections 447.500 to 447.595 shall not apply to final orders, judgments or decrees of distribution or to abandoned property entered by the probate division of the circuit court after August 13, 1984.

4. Sections 447.500 to 447.595 shall not apply to institutions chartered pursuant to the provisions of an act of the Congress of the United States known as the Farm Credit Act of 1971 and acts amendatory thereto.

5. In addition to other exclusions, sections 447.500 to 447.595 shall not apply to any property that had been unclaimed prior to January 1, 1965, where the holder is a financial organization or banking organization which has a principal place of business in this state.

6. Business credits between two business entities or two business associations are not subject to sections 447.500 to 447.595.

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