Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 432
Contracts Required to Be in Writing

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August 28, 2013

432.010. Statute of frauds--contracts to be in writing.
432.030. Assignment of wages.
432.040. Representations of credit to be in writing.
432.045. Credit agreements, defined--action by debtor on certain credit
agreements prohibited unless in writing--contents of written
statement requirement--oral modification permitted, when.
432.047. Credit agreements, actions not to be maintained, when--credit
agreement defined.
432.050. Leases, not in writing, operate as estates at will.
432.060. Leases to be assigned in writing.
432.070. Contracts, execution of by counties, towns--form of contract.
432.080. Duplicate copies to be made and preserved.
432.200. Title.
432.205. Definitions.
432.210. Scope.
432.215. Prospective application.
432.220. Use of electronic records and electronic signatures--variation
by agreement.
432.225. Construction and application.
432.230. Legal recognition of electronic records, electronic signatures,
and electronic contracts.
432.235. Provision of information in writing--presentation of records.
432.240. Attribution and effect of electronic record and electronic signature.
432.245. Effect of change or error.
432.250. Notarization and acknowledgment.
432.255. Retention of electronic records--originals.
432.260. Admissibility of evidence.
432.265. Automated transaction.
432.270. Time and place of sending and receipt.
432.275. Transferable records.
432.295. Severability clause.

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