Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 479
Municipal Courts and Traffic Courts

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August 28, 2013

479.010. Violation of municipal ordinances, jurisdiction.
479.011. Administrative adjudication of certain code violations, certain
cities--authorization, rules requirements--tribunal designated by
ordinance, procedures--evidence reviewed--imprisonment and fines
limited--judicial review, lien imposed, when.
479.020. Municipal judges, selection, tenure, jurisdiction, qualifications,
course of instruction.
479.030. Municipalities, notification of circuit clerk--judges in office,
479.040. Cities may elect where violations of municipal ordinances may be
479.050. Municipalities may establish traffic violation bureau, procedure,
479.060. Clerks, courtroom, other employees--municipalities to provide for,
479.070. Duties and powers of municipal judge.
479.080. Fines and costs, where paid, deposited--supreme court may provide
for uniform procedure.
479.090. Prosecutions based on information only, proceedings.
479.100. Warrants, how issued and executed.
479.110. Arrest without warrants, procedure.
479.120. Municipality to designate attorney to prosecute violations--duties.
479.130. Trial by jury, when.
479.140. Judge to be trier of fact, when.
479.150. Trial by jury, certification for assignment--exception, Springfield
municipal court, when, procedure, costs.
479.160. Witnesses, how summoned, fees.
479.170. Municipal judge without jurisdiction, when, procedure.
479.180. Commitment in county jail, when--duty of sheriff.
479.190. Parole or probation, when granted--certificate--conditions of
probation--modification of conditions.
479.200. Appeals, trial de novo.
479.210. Recognizances and forfeitures.
479.220. Disqualification of judge, when, procedure.
479.230. Absence of judge, procedure.
479.240. Fines, installments allowed.
479.250. Municipal ordinances, evidence of, judicial notice of.
479.260. Court costs and fees, judicial education fund, purpose,
479.261. (Transferred 2000; subsec. 1 now 488.607 and subsec. 2 now 43.545)
479.270. Transfer or assignment of cases, procedure.
479.500. Traffic court may be established in twenty-first judicial
circuit--appointment of judges--procedure and
operation--jurisdiction--qualification of traffic judges,
compensation--pleas without personal appearance--recording of
proceedings--costs of establishment and operation.

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