Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 494
General Provisions as to Juries

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August 28, 2013

494.400. Qualifications of jurors, selection, exclusions prohibited.
494.405. Board of jury commissioners, duties, quorum, meetings,
members--circuit clerks, duties--supervisors, appointment,
certain counties--jury supervisors, deputies, salaries, duties,
494.410. Master jury list.
494.415. Qualified jury list--juror qualification form, contents--postponement
of service.
494.420. Selection of jurors from qualified jury list.
494.425. Persons ineligible for jury service.
494.430. Persons entitled to be excused from jury service--determinations
made by judge--undue or extreme physical or financial hardship
defined--documentation required, when.
494.431. (Repealed L. 2004 S.B. 1211 A)
494.432. Postponement of jury duty, when.
494.435. Panel exhausted, other jurors summoned.
494.440. Data processing devices may be used in compiling lists.
494.442. List of licensed drivers to contain Social Security numbers--numbers
to be provided to board of jury commissioners--election authority to
provide numbers--effective date.
494.445. Petit jurors, maximum number of days required to serve, exception.
494.450. Juror nonattendance, criminal contempt, fine.
494.455. Compensation of jurors, mileage--additional compensation may be
authorized, when.
494.460. Employers prohibited from disciplining employees because of jury duty,
action for damages, attorney fees--employees not required to use leave
for jury duty--automatic postponement of jury duty, when.
494.465. Challenge of jury on grounds that it was not selected in conformity
with sections 494.400 to 494.505.
494.470. Challenges for cause, grounds for--juror on panel not summoned off as
a witness, exception.
494.475. Inhabitants of city or county not disqualified when city or county is
a party.
494.480. Peremptory challenges--civil cases, multiple parties,
allocation--criminal cases--qualification of juror as basis for
new trial--costs for impaneling jury to be paid, when.
494.485. Alternate jurors.
494.490. Number of jurors--three-fourths or more jurors to return verdict in
civil cases--how verdict is signed.
494.495. Jury may separate, when--duty of court.
494.500. Aliens, jury in the trial of.
494.505. Jurors may be summoned from another county,
when--procedure--transportation furnished jury instead of
mileage, when.

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