Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 546
Trials, Judgments and Executions in Criminal Cases
Section 546.881

August 28, 2014

St. Louis City workhouse, commitment.

546.881. 1. Every person committed to the workhouse of the city of St. Louis, or other place of punishment provided by that city, by the circuit court of the city of St. Louis, shall be put to hard labor at such work as his or her strength and health will permit, whether within or without such place of imprisonment, and shall be under the control and management of those having charge of such prison, subject to such rules and regulations as the municipal assembly of St. Louis City may establish for such prisons.

2. If the party committed is unwilling although able to pay the fine and costs, if such be the punishment for the offense, in whole or in part, in payment of such fines and costs, the party committed shall be allowed for his or her work at the rate of ten dollars per day. No imprisonment for nonpayment of fine and costs shall exceed six months.

3. When a fine is assessed by the circuit court of the city of St. Louis the court may provide for the payment of the fine and costs on an installment basis under such terms and conditions as the court deems appropriate.

4. Any person, after being committed to the workhouse or other place of imprisonment provided by the city of St. Louis, for nonpayment of his or her fine and costs, desiring to pay same, shall make application to the judge of said court, who shall in open court order the fine and all costs of such person to be paid to the clerk of said court, whose duty it shall be to receive same, enter satisfaction on the execution in his execution book, and give notice in writing, under the seal of said court, to the superintendent or person having charge and control of said workhouse, that the execution against such person has been fully satisfied, whereupon such person shall immediately be discharged from said workhouse or place of punishment.

(L. 1978 H.B. 1634)

Effective 1-2-79

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