Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 569
Robbery, Arson, Burglary and Related Offenses
Section 569.099

August 28, 2013

Tampering with computer users, penalties.

569.099. 1. A person commits the crime of tampering with computer users if he knowingly and without authorization or without reasonable grounds to believe that he has such authorization:

(1) Accesses or causes to be accessed any computer, computer system, or computer network; or

(2) Denies or causes the denial of computer system services to an authorized user of such computer system services, which, in whole or in part, is owned by, under contract to, or operated for, or on behalf of, or in conjunction with another.

2. The offense of tampering with computer users is a class A misdemeanor unless the offense is committed for the purpose of devising or executing any scheme or artifice to defraud or to obtain any property, the value of which is five hundred dollars or more, in which case tampering with computer users is a class D felony.

(L. 1982 H.B. 1454, et al. 4, A.L. 1987 H.B. 208, A.L. 2002 H.B. 1888)


Civil action for tampering with computer users, expenses and attorney fees, 537.525

Definitions for criminal statutes for computer crimes unless context requires a different definition, 556.063

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