Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 575
Offenses Against the Administration of Justice
Section 575.159

August 28, 2013

Aiding a sexual offender--penalty--applicability of section.

575.159. 1. A person commits the crime of aiding a sexual offender if such person knows that another person is a convicted sexual offender who is required to register as a sexual offender and has reason to believe that such sexual offender is not complying, or has not complied with the requirements of sections 589.400 to 589.425, and who, with the intent to assist the sexual offender in eluding a law enforcement agency that is seeking to find the sexual offender to question the offender about, or to arrest the offender for, his or her noncompliance with the requirements of sections 589.400 to 589.425:

(1) Withholds information from or does not notify the law enforcement agency about the sexual offender's noncompliance with the requirements of sections 589.400 to 589.425, and if known the whereabouts of the sexual offender;

(2) Harbors or attempts to harbor or assists another person in harboring or attempting to harbor the sexual offender;

(3) Conceals or attempts to conceal or assists another person in concealing or attempting to conceal the sexual offender; or

(4) Provides information to the law enforcement agency regarding the sexual offender which the person knows to be false information.

2. Aiding a sexual offender is a class D felony.

3. The provisions of this section do not apply if the sexual offender is incarcerated in or is in the custody of a state correctional facility, a private correctional facility, a local jail, or a federal correctional facility.

(L. 2006 H.B. 1698, et al.)

Effective 6-05-06

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