Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 577
Public Safety Offenses
Section 577.071

August 28, 2014

Beginning January 1, 2017--(Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 ยง A)
Effective 1-01-17

Until December 31, 2016--Solid waste, illegal disposal of, duty of prosecuting attorney.

577.071. The prosecutor of any county and the circuit attorney of any city not within a county shall investigate reports of violations of sections 260.211 and 260.212 and may, by information or indictment, institute a prosecution for any violation of sections 260.211 and 260.212.

(L. 1990 S.B. 530)

*This section was repealed by S.B. 491, 2014, effective 1-01-17. Due to the delayed repeal date, the version of this section in effect until 12-31-16 is printed here.

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