Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 559

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August 28, 2013

559.012. Eligible for probation, when.
559.016. Terms of probation--extension.
559.020. (Transferred 1978 to 565.004; repealed 1983)
559.021. Conditions of probation--compensation of victims--free work, public
or charitable--defendant not an employee for workers' compensation
purposes--payment to county restitution fund, when.
559.026. Detention condition of probation.
559.029. Transfer of supervision.
559.031. Transfer to another court.
559.036. Duration of probation--revocation.
559.070. (Transferred 1978 to 565.005; repealed 1983)
559.080. (Transferred 1978 to 565.021; repealed 1983)
559.090. (Transferred 1978 to 565.026; repealed 1983)
559.100. Circuit courts, power to place on probation or
559.105. Restitution may be ordered, when--limitation on release from
probation--amount of restitution.
559.106. Lifetime supervision of certain sexual offenders--electronic
monitoring--termination at age sixty-five permitted, when.
559.107. Notification of monitoring to highway patrol--information entered into
MULES and sexual offender registry.
559.110. Bond may be required--forfeiture.
559.115. Appeals, probation not to be granted, when--probation granted after
delivery to department of corrections, time limitation,
assessment--one hundred twenty day program--notification to
state, when, hearing--no probation in certain cases.
559.117. Mental health assessment pilot program--offenders eligible--report to
sentencing court--no probation, when--report to governor and
general assembly.
559.120. Probation may be granted, when.
559.125. Record of applications for probation or parole to be kept--information
to be privileged--exceptions.
559.140. (Transferred 1978 to 565.031; repealed 1983)
559.201. Board of probation and parole created, 6th, 7th and 16th
559.211. Board of probation and parole--powers.
559.221. Board of probation and parole--concurrent powers with trial courts.
559.231. Board of probation and parole--records.
559.241. Board of probation and parole--personnel.
559.301. Board of paroles created, certain circuits--powers.
559.311. Board of paroles--rules and regulations--meetings--members.
559.321. Board of paroles--powers.
559.331. Board of paroles--duties--records.
559.600. Misdemeanor probation may be provided by contract with private
entities, not to exclude board of probation and parole.
559.602. Private entities to make application to circuit court to provide
misdemeanor probation--contract content--procedure--withdrawal of
board, when.
559.604. Cost of misdemeanor probation to be paid by offenders, exceptions.
559.607. Municipal ordinance violations, probation may be contracted for by
municipal courts, procedure--cost to be paid by offenders,
559.609. Qualifications and factors considered by judges in approving private
entities to serve as probation offices.
559.612. Bids to be made by private entities--minimum duration for
contracts--termination for cause prior to expiration permitted.
559.615. Nepotism or financial interest by judges or certain other elected
county officials, in private entities, prohibited.
559.630. Definitions.
559.633. Court to order participation in program, when--fees determined by
department of corrections--supplemental fee to be deposited in
correctional substance abuse earnings fund.
559.635. Correctional substance abuse earnings fund, use, rules.

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