Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 571
Weapons Offenses

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August 28, 2013

571.010. Definitions.
571.013. Ownership of firearms records, closed records--violation, penalty.
571.014. Unlawful refusal to transfer by denying sale of a firearm to a
nonlicensee, crime of--violation, penalty--inapplicability, when.
571.015. Armed criminal action, defined, penalty.
571.017. Imposition of sentences for both armed criminal action and crime
committed with deadly weapon authorized, exception.
571.020. Possession--manufacture--transport--repair--sale of certain weapons a
571.030. Unlawful use of weapons--exceptions--penalties.
571.037. Open display of firearm permitted, when.
571.045. Defacing firearm, penalty.
571.050. Possession of defaced firearm, penalty.
571.060. Unlawful transfer of weapons, penalty.
571.063. Fraudulent purchase of a firearm, crime
571.067. Surrendering a firearm to a political subdivision, valuable
consideration prohibited, exceptions.
571.070. Possession of firearm unlawful for certain
571.072. Unlawful possession of an explosive weapon, crime of--penalty.
571.080. Transfer of concealable firearms.
571.085. Purchase in another state by Missouri residents, permitted when.
571.087. Purchase in Missouri by nonresident, permitted when.
571.090. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 62 & 41 A)
571.092. Restriction on transfer and possession of firearms, petition for
removal of, when, requirements.
571.093. Certain records closed to the public.
571.095. Confiscation of firearms and ammunition, when--exceptions.
571.101. Concealed carry permits, application requirements--approval
procedures--issuance, when--information on permit--fees.
571.102. (Repealed L. 2013 S.B. 75 A)
571.104. Suspension or revocation of permits, when--renewal procedures--change
of name or residence notification requirements.
571.107. Permit does not authorize concealed firearms, where--penalty for
571.111. Firearms training requirements--safety instructor
requirements--penalty for violations.
571.114. Denial of application, appeal procedures.
571.117. Revocation procedure for ineligible permit holders--sheriff's immunity
from liability, when.
571.121. Duty to carry and display permit, penalty for violation--director of
revenue immunity from liability, when.
571.126. List of persons who have obtained a concealed carry endorsement or
permit, no disclosure to federal government.
571.150. Use or possession of a metal-penetrating bullet during the commission
of a crime--definition--penalty.
571.155. Regulation by municipalities permitted--no prohibition at shooting
571.500. Database and certain records, enabling or cooperating with state or
federal government in developing prohibited, when.

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