Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 643
Air Conservation
Section 643.320

August 28, 2014

Criteria for operation of inspection stations, established--application, form, fee--commission to inspect--suspension and revocation of license, procedure--required reports--alternative administrative enforcement mechanisms--sign, requirements, furnished by department, cost.

643.320. 1. The commission shall prescribe the standards and equipment necessary for an official emissions inspection station and the qualifications for persons who conduct the inspections, and no applicant for certificate of authorization to conduct emissions inspections may be approved to operate an official emissions inspection station until the applicant meets the standards and has the required equipment and qualified inspectors as prescribed by the commission. An official emissions inspection station shall maintain liability insurance at all times to cover possible damage to vehicles during the inspection process as a condition of operating an official emissions inspection station. The commission shall establish standards and procedures to be followed in the making of inspections required by sections 643.300 to 643.355 and shall prescribe rules for the operation of emissions inspection stations.

2. The application for a certificate of authorization to operate as an official emissions inspection station shall be made to the commission on a form furnished by the commission. The application shall be accompanied by a fee established by the commission by rule, but in no case shall the fee exceed one hundred dollars. The certificate of authorization shall be renewed annually on the date of issue. All fees shall be payable to the director of revenue and shall be deposited by the director of revenue in the state treasury to the credit of the Missouri air emission reduction fund established under section 643.350.

3. The commission or its designee shall cause unannounced inspections to be made of the operation of each emissions inspection station at least once during each calendar year. The inspection may include submitting a known high emission vehicle for inspection without prior disclosure to the inspection station. At any time the commission or its designee shall have reason to believe that any person has violated any provisions of the provisions of sections 643.300 to 643.355 or the rules promulgated thereunder, the commission or its designee shall refuse to issue or shall revoke or suspend any certificate of authority under this section. The suspension or revocation of a certificate of authority shall be in writing to the operator, inspector, or the person in charge of the emissions inspection station. Before suspending or revoking the certificate of authority to conduct emissions inspections, the commission or its designee shall serve notice in writing by certified mail or by personal service to the inspection station at the operator's address of record giving the permittee the opportunity to appear in the office of the commission on a stated date, not less than ten nor more than thirty days after the mailing or service of the notice, for a hearing to show cause why the inspection station's certificate of authority should not be suspended or revoked. An inspection station owner or an inspector may appear in person or by counsel in the office of the commission or its designee to show cause why the proposed suspension or revocation is in error, or to present any other facts or testimony that would bear on the final decision of the commission or its designee. If the operator, owner, or inspector does not appear on the stated day after receipt of notice, it shall be presumed that such party admits the allegations of fact contained in the hearing notification letter. The decision of the commission or its designee may in such case be based upon the written reports submitted by the commission's officers. The order of the commission, specifying his findings of fact and conclusions of law, shall be considered final immediately after receipt of notice thereof by the inspection station.

4. The department may require emissions inspection stations to furnish reports, upon forms furnished by the department for that purpose, that the department considers necessary for the administration of sections 643.300 to 643.355.

5. The commission may impose alternative administrative enforcement mechanisms in lieu of suspending or revoking a certificate of authority. Such alternative administrative enforcement mechanisms may include, but not be limited to, requiring inspectors to successfully complete a commission-approved retraining program. The commission also may require any individual who has his or her certificate of authority suspended to undergo remedial retraining as a condition of removing such suspension.

6. The commission shall design and furnish each official emissions inspection station, at no cost, one official sign made of metal or other durable material to be displayed in a conspicuous location to designate the station as an official emissions inspection station. Additional signs may be obtained by an official inspection station for a fee equal to the cost to the state. Each official emissions inspection station shall also be supplied with one or more posters which must be displayed in a conspicuous location at the place of inspection and which informs the public that required repairs or corrections need not be made at the inspection station.

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