Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 644
Water Pollution
Section 644.143

August 28, 2014

Commission to establish groundwater remediation procedures, criteria for procedures.

644.143. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the clean water commission shall establish procedures for determining whether remediation of groundwater, based on risk to human health and the environment, is appropriate for any particular site. The procedures for making such determination shall be made by rule and shall consider the following:

(1) Impacts of the groundwater contamination on any public or private water supply for drinking water;

(2) Likelihood that the contaminated groundwater will be a suitable public or private water supply based on its potability, background chemical constituents, or other factors not relating to the contamination;

(3) Impact of the groundwater contamination on any natural spring, or any water which contributes to a natural spring, which is recognized for its recreational or aesthetic value and located in a state park, national park, conservation area, or any area protected by a conservation easement;

(4) The appropriateness of natural attenuation and other methods to remediate the groundwater contamination; and

(5) Any other scientific factors the commission deems relevant.

(L. 1999 S.B. 334)

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