Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 79
Fourth Class Cities
Section 79.055

August 28, 2014

City marshal, training requirements, fourth class cities.

79.055. 1. Any person who is elected to his first term as city marshal in a general election or in a special election in any fourth class city of this state shall, within six months of such election, cause to be filed with the city clerk of the city and director of the department of public safety proof that he has completed the training program formulated pursuant to sections 590.170 and 590.175, or some other comparable training program of not less than one hundred twenty hours' instruction approved by the director of the department of public safety. If the newly elected city marshal is unable to complete the training program within six months due to the proper course not being available from the department of public safety, an extension may be granted until such a course is made available.

2. Whether any person elected to his first term as city marshal attends such a training program prior to or after assuming the duties of his office shall be left to the discretion of the governing body of the city from which he was elected. During the time that a marshal-elect is enrolled in such a training program, he shall be hired as a city employee and receive as full compensation from the city from which he was elected, compensation at a rate equal to that of city marshal.

(L. 1997 H.B. 69 & 179 & H.B. 669 ยง 2)

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