Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 85
City Police and Fire Departments Generally
Section 85.551

August 28, 2014

Marshal to be chief of police where department not adopted--assistants and policemen appointed under ordinance--removal (third class cities).

85.551. 1. In cities of the third class which shall not have adopted the merit system police department provided for in sections 85.541 to 85.571, the marshal shall be the chief of police, and there also may be one assistant marshal, who shall serve for a term of one year and who shall be deputy chief of police; such number of regular policemen as may be deemed necessary by the council for the good government of the city, who shall serve for terms of one year; and such number of special policemen as may be prescribed by ordinance, to serve for such time as may be prescribed by ordinance.

2. The manner of appointing the assistant marshal and all policemen of the city shall be prescribed by ordinance. The council shall also, by ordinance, provide for the removal of any marshal, assistant marshal or policeman guilty of misbehavior in office.

3. Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the council to remove or discharge any chief, as that term is defined in section 106.273.

(L. 1955 p. 290 ยง 2, A.L. 2013 H.B. 307)

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