Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 34
State Purchasing and Printing

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August 28, 2013

34.010. Definitions.
34.030. Shall purchase all supplies and lands.
34.031. Recycled products, preference for products made from solid
waste--elimination of purchase of products made from polystyrene
foam--commissioner of administration, duties--report.
34.032. Recycled paper to be used, when--recyclable products to be collected
by all state agencies--sale proceeds to fund utilicare.
34.040. Purchases to be made on competitive bids, when, how--standard
specifications, when--exception--failure to pay taxes, effect of.
34.042. Competitive bidding may be waived for competitive proposals,
when--procedure--contract to be let to the lowest and best offeror.
34.043. Competitive bidding--waiver of permitted, when.
34.044. One source of supplies, waiver of competitive bids and
proposals--recession of waiver, when--single source exists,
when--advertising waived, when.
34.045. Emergency procurement, waiver of competitive bids or proposals.
34.046. Contract directly with other governmental entities for purchase of
34.047. Information technology purchases, online bidding/vendor registration
system to be used for notice, when.
34.048. General Services Administration vendors, purchase of supplies
34.050. Regulations for purchase of supplies--rules generally, promulgation,
34.055. State to pay late charges for supplies and services, when,
rate--vendor to apply, exception--energy assistance program for
persons of low income, recipients exempt from interest charges.
34.057. Public works contracts--prompt payment by public owner to
contractor--prompt payment by contractor to
subcontractor--progress payments--retainage--late payment
charges--withholding of payments.
34.058. Public works contract, defined--certain contract clauses against
public policy--exceptions.
34.059. Surety bonds required for public works contracts or construction,
public entity cannot require they be obtained from particular
insurance or surety company.
34.060. Requests for bids on supplies and materials to be in general terms--to
recite preference for Missouri products.
34.065. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
34.070. Preference to Missouri products and firms.
34.071. Commodities defined.
34.073. Missouri businesses, performance of jobs or services, preference,
34.074. Disabled veterans, state and political subdivision contracts,
preference to be given, when--rulemaking authority.
34.076. Out-of-state contractors or products for public works, requirements,
34.080. Institutions to use coal from Missouri or adjoining states,
when--institution defined.
34.090. Laws requiring purchase from state institutions to be given effect.
34.100. Direct purchases and emergency purchases, when authorized, procedure.
34.110. Acceptance of gifts to state--purchase of surplus war materials.
34.115. Return of gifts made to state to donor, when, how--donation of motor
vehicles to assist military veterans, return of title, when.
34.120. Departments to report supplies on hand, records of purchase.
34.125. Departments to keep inventories of nonexpendable property.
34.130. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
34.140. Inventory of removable equipment, when--transfer of supplies between
departments, when--distribution to certain donees, definitions,
procedure--sale by auction, sealed bid--sidearms and badges, who
may purchase, when.
34.150. Violation by any department renders contract void--liability of head
of department.
34.160. Commissioner not to be interested in concern making bids for
furnishing supplies or printing--penalty for violation.
34.165. Commissioner to give bidding preference to the blind, when--authority
to make rules--auditor may examine records, when.
34.170. Commissioner to purchase all state printing--exceptions.
34.175. Soybean-based ink to be used for state printing, when--logo
requirement--effective when.
34.180. To determine form of printed matter--exceptions.
34.190. Determine size and number of reports to be printed.
34.192. Reports, method of preparation--minimization of volume of printed
material produced.
34.203. Citation of law.
34.206. Purpose statement.
34.209. Requirements for certain contracts for construction of projects.
34.212. Grants and cooperative agreements for construction projects
prohibited, when.
34.216. Union-only project labor agreements permitted, when--compliance,
34.217. Nonseverability clause.
34.260. (Transferred 1995; now 105.1070)
34.265. (Transferred 1995; now 105.1073)
34.270. (Transferred 1995; now 105.1075)
34.272. (Transferred 1995; now 105.1077)
34.275. (Transferred 1995; now 105.1079)
34.350. Missouri domestic product procurement act--law, how
34.353. All public agencies and political subdivisions to purchase or lease
only goods or commodities produced in the United States, exceptions,
34.355. Vendor to furnish proof of compliance--misrepresentation of facts,
34.359. Treaties and law of the United States to supersede.
34.363. Listing of Missouri products, office of administration to compile
and provide access--state agencies to make good faith search for
Missouri companies to provide products and services.
34.375. Purchasing agents for governmental agencies to give preference
to food and beverages containing higher levels of calcium,
34.376. Citation of act--definitions.
34.378. Contingent fee contracts, limitations--written proposals,
when--standard addendum--posting of contracts on
website--record-keeping requirements--report, contents.
34.380. Contractual authority not expanded.

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