Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 137
Assessment and Levy of Property Taxes
Section 137.092

August 28, 2014

Rental or leasing facilities to submit lessee lists.

137.092. 1. As used in this section, the following terms mean:

(1) "Personal property", any house trailer, manufactured home, airplane, or aircraft;

(2) "Rental or leasing facility", any manufactured home park, manufactured home storage facility, or any hangar or similar aircraft storage facility.

2. For all calendar years beginning on or after January 1, 2008, every owner of a rental or leasing facility shall, by January thirtieth of each year, furnish the assessor of the county in which the rental or leasing facility is located a list of the lessees located at the rental or leasing facility on January first of each year. The list shall include:

(1) The name of the lessee;

(2) The lessee's address and county of residency.

(L. 2007 S.B. 30, A.L. 2008 S.B. 711)

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