Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 174
State Colleges and Universities
Section 174.620

August 28, 2014

Board of governors, appointment--terms--expenses--vacancies.

174.620. 1. The board of governors shall be appointed as follows:

(1) Four voting members from the counties of Adair, Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Chariton, Clark, Howard, Knox, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Macon, Monroe, Montgomery, Pike, Putnam, Ralls, Randolph, St. Charles, Schuyler, Scotland, Shelby, Sullivan, and Warren, provided that not more than one member shall be appointed from the same county;

(2) Three voting members from any of the seven college districts as contained in section 174.010, provided that no more than one member shall be appointed from the same congressional district;

(3) Two nonvoting members whose residence is other than the state of Missouri and who are knowledgeable of the educational mission of liberal arts institutions; and

(4) One nonvoting member who is a student. Such student representative shall attend all meetings and participate in all deliberations of the board. Such student representative shall not have the right to vote on any matter before the board, but shall have all other powers and duties of section 174.055, and shall also meet the qualifications of section 174.055.

2. The term of service of the governors shall be as follows:

(1) The voting members shall be appointed for terms of six years; except, that of the voting members first appointed, two shall serve for terms of two years, two for terms of four years, and three for terms of six years;

(2) The nonvoting members who are not students shall be appointed for terms of six years; except, that of the nonvoting members first appointed, one shall serve for a term of three years, and one shall serve a term of six years; and

(3) The nonvoting student member shall serve a two-year term as provided in section 174.055.

3. The governors, both voting and nonvoting, while attending the meetings of the board shall receive their actual and necessary expenses, which shall be paid out of the ordinary revenues of the university. Vacancies in terms of office caused by death, resignation or removal shall be filled in the manner provided by law for such vacancies on the board of curators of the University of Missouri.

(L. 1985 H.B. 196, A.L. 2001 H.B. 218)

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