Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 198
Convalescent, Nursing and Boarding Homes
Section 198.082

August 28, 2014

Nursing assistant training programs--training incomplete, special requirements and supervision for assistant beginning duties.

198.082. 1. Each nursing assistant hired to work in a skilled nursing or intermediate care facility after January 1, 1980, shall have successfully completed a nursing assistant training program approved by the department or shall enroll in and begin the first available approved training program which is scheduled to commence within ninety days of the date of the nursing assistant's employment and which shall be completed within four months of employment. Training programs shall be offered at any facility licensed or approved by the department of health and senior services which is most reasonably accessible to the enrollees in each class. The program may be established by the skilled nursing or intermediate care facility, by a professional organization, or by the department, and training shall be given by the personnel of the facility, by a professional organization, by the department, by any community college or by the vocational education department of any high school.

2. As used in this section the term "nursing assistant" means an employee, including a nurse's aide or an orderly, who is assigned by a skilled nursing or intermediate care facility to provide or assist in the provision of direct resident health care services under the supervision of a nurse licensed under the nursing practice law, chapter 335. This section shall not apply to any person otherwise licensed to perform health care services under the laws of this state. It shall not apply to volunteers or to members of religious or fraternal orders which operate and administer the facility, if such volunteers or members work without compensation.

3. The training program after January 1, 1989, shall consist of at least the following:

(1) A training program consisting of at least seventy-five classroom hours of training on basic nursing skills, clinical practice, resident safety and rights, the social and psychological problems of residents, and the methods of handling and caring for mentally confused residents such as those with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, and one hundred hours supervised and on-the-job training. The one hundred hours shall be completed within four months of employment and may consist of normal employment as nurse assistants under the supervision of a licensed nurse; and

(2) Continuing in-service training to assure continuing competency in existing and new nursing skills. All nursing assistants trained prior to January 1, 1989, shall attend, by August 31, 1989, an entire special retraining program established by rule or regulation of the department which shall contain information on methods of handling mentally confused residents and which may be offered on premises by the employing facility.

4. Nursing assistants who have not successfully completed the nursing assistant training program prior to employment may begin duties as a nursing assistant only after completing an initial twelve hours of basic orientation approved by the department and may provide direct resident care only if under the general supervision of a licensed nurse prior to completion of the seventy-five classroom hours of the training program.

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