Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 190
Emergency Services

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August 28, 2013

190.001. Citation.
190.010. Territory of district may be noncontiguous--ambulance districts
authorized except in counties of 400,000 or more
population--district, how named.
190.015. Petition to form, contents--ambulance district boundaries (St. Louis
County)--sales tax in lieu of property tax permitted, exception
St. Louis County.
190.020. Public hearing, notice--costs, how paid.
190.025. Petitions--consolidation, when--amended, how.
190.030. Sufficiency of petition, county commission to determine.
190.035. Notice of election, contents.
190.040. Form of ballot--effect of passage on tax rate--fund created--refunds,
190.041. Tax levy for central dispatching service, when, amount--funds
kept separate.
190.043. Increase in tax rate without voter approval, when, amount.
190.044. (Repealed L. 2002 S.B. 1107 A)
190.045. Returns of election, where filed--effect of.
190.050. Election districts, how established--election of
directors--declaration of candidacy filed, where, when.
190.051. Change in number of board members, when--ballot language.
190.052. Board member must live in his district--vacancies, how filled.
190.053. Educational training required for board of directors.
190.055. Powers of board--seal and bylaws required--reimbursement of
board members' expenses--secretary and treasurer, additional
compensation--board member attendance fees, when.
190.056. Recall of directors, procedure.
190.060. Powers of district.
190.065. Bonds, issuance of--election, form of ballot.
190.070. Annexation, petition for--hearing--election, form of ballot.
190.074. Collection of taxes--levy--procedure.
190.075. Records, what and how kept.
190.080. Donated property--title, how taken.
190.085. Failure to approve bonds, effect of--dissolution--funds, how rebated.
190.087. Ambulance district serving city in more than one county may be
expanded--procedure (Franklin County).
190.090. Consolidation of ambulance districts, procedure for--form of
ballot--transition provisions for consolidation.
190.091. Vaccination program for first responders
offered--definitions--participation voluntary--contingent
effective date.
190.092. Defibrillators, use authorized when, conditions, notice--good faith
immunity from civil liability, when.
190.094. Minimum ambulance staffing--volunteer defined.
190.098. Community paramedic, certification requirements--scope of
practice--written agreement--rulemaking authority.
190.100. Definitions.
190.101. State advisory council on emergency medical services, members,
purpose, duties.
190.102. Regional EMS advisory committees.
190.103. Regional EMS medical director, powers, duties.
190.104. Pediatric emergency medical services system.
190.105. Ambulance license required, exceptions--operation of ambulance
services--sale or transfer of ownership, notice required.
190.107. Contracts for mutual aid services.
190.108. Air ambulance licenses--sale or transfer of ownership, notice
190.109. Ground ambulance license.
190.111. Inspection limitation--effect of sale or transfer on a license.
190.120. Insurance, what coverage required--policy provisions
required--term of policy.
190.131. Certification of training entities.
190.133. Emergency medical response agency license.
190.134. Dispatch agency, requirements.
190.142. Emergency medical technician license--rules.
190.143. Temporary emergency medical technician license granted,
190.146. Lapse of license, request to return to active status, procedure.
190.160. Renewals of licenses, requirements.
190.165. Suspension or revocation of licenses, grounds for.
190.171. Aggrieved party may seek review by administrative hearing
190.172. Settlement agreements permitted, when--written impact statement
may be submitted to administrative hearing commission.
190.175. Records to be maintained by licensee.
190.176. Data collection system.
190.180. Penalty for violation.
190.185. Rules and regulations, department to adopt--procedure.
190.190. Time to comply granted existing equipment and personnel.
190.196. Employer to comply with requirements of licensure--report of charges
filed against licensee, when.
190.200. Public information and education.
190.205. Insurers' duties.
190.241. Trauma, STEMI, or stroke centers, designation by department--on-site
reviews--grounds for suspension or revocation of
designation--fees--administrative hearing commission to hear
persons aggrieved by designation.
190.243. Transportation to trauma, STEMI, or stroke centers or hospitals, how
190.245. Peer review systems, required when--powers of department--medical
records, penalty for failure to provide, purpose for use, names
not to be released.
190.246. Epinephrine auto-injector, possession and use
limitations--definitions--use of device considered
first aid--violations, penalty.
190.248. Investigations of allegations of violations, completed when--access
to records.
190.250. Ambulance services to have same statutory lien rights as
hospitals--recovery of lien, net proceeds to be shared with
patient, when--release of claimant from liability, when.
190.290. Definitions.
190.292. Emergency services, sales tax levy authorized--ballot language--rate
of tax--termination of tax--board to administer funds established,
members (Warren County).
190.294. Powers and duties of the emergency services
board--meetings--vacancies--rulemaking authority
(Warren County).
190.296. Board may borrow money and issue bonds--ballot language--duration
of loans, rate of interest (Warren County).
190.300. Definitions.
190.305. Emergency telephone service may be provided--tax levy
authorized--governing body of Christian and Scott counties may
contract for services--time limitation on tax--rate--collection.
190.306. Dissolution of emergency telephone service not required, when
(Christian County).
190.307. No civil liability for operation of emergency system, giving or
following emergency instructions, exceptions.
190.308. Misuse of emergency telephone service unlawful, definitions,
penalty--no local fine or penalty for pay telephones for calls to
emergency telephone service.
190.309. Emergency telephone board, powers and duties--members of the board,
appointment, terms--personnel--officers--rules--removal of
members--vacancies--nepotism prohibited.
190.310. Tax due quarterly--return filed when, content--record retention
period--rate determination, notification--collection fee allowed.
190.315. Contract for service authorized.
190.320. Election--ballot form.
190.325. Central dispatching service for emergency services (Clay and Jefferson
counties)--use of emergency telephone moneys--tax rate--contracts
for service for other political subdivisions--tax collection.
190.327. Board appointed, when--board elected, when--duties--commission to
relinquish duties to board--qualifications--board, powers and duties.
190.328. Election of board, Christian and Scott counties, when--terms.
190.329. Election of board, exceptions, when--terms.
190.335. Central dispatch for emergency services, alternative funding by county
sales tax, procedure, ballot form, rate of tax--collection,
limitations--adoption of alternate tax, telephone tax to expire,
when--board appointment and election, qualification,
terms--continuation of board in Greene County--board appointment
in Christian, Taney, and St. Francois counties.
190.337. Revenue, purpose for which shall be used--procedure to terminate tax,
ballot form--reestablishing emergency service using telephone tax,
190.339. Emergency services board, powers and duties--officers--removal of
board members, reasons, hearing procedure--vacancies--employment
by board, limitations.
190.340. Emergency services board, officers duties, rules and regulations.
190.350. (Repealed L. 2006 H.B. 1437 A)
190.353. Powers and duties of department of health and senior
services--establishment of regional poison information
center--center to provide certain services.
190.355. Use of existing resources required.
190.400. Definitions.
190.410. Board created, members, terms, duties, staff.
190.420. Fund established.
190.430. Fee for wireless service--rules--office of administration, powers.
190.440. Ballot measure for fee.
190.500. Temporary license--qualified health care professions--declared
190.525. Definitions.
190.528. License required--political subdivisions not precluded from governing
operation of service or enforcing ordinances--responsibilities
and restrictions on operation of stretcher van services--rules.
190.531. Refusal to issue or denial of renewal of licenses permitted--complaint
procedure--rules--immunity from liability, when--suspension of
license, when.
190.534. Violations, penalty--attorney general to have concurrent jurisdiction.
190.537. Rulemaking authority.
190.550. Schedule of fees established, rules--collection and deposit.
190.600. Citation of act--definitions.
190.603. Outside the hospital do-not-resuscitate order may be executed,
when--maintained in medical records--transfers with patient.
190.606. Immunity from liability, what persons and entities.
190.609. Order effective, when--limitations of order.
190.612. Emergency medical services personnel to comply with order,
when--physician to transfer patient, when.
190.615. Death of a patient, not suicide or homicide--effect of order on life
insurance--order does not authorize mercy killing or euthanasia.
190.618. Rules--rulemaking authority.
190.621. Penalty for concealing or falsifying an order.
190.800. Imposition of tax--definitions.
190.803. Formula for tax based on gross receipts--maximum rate--challenge of
validity of rules.
190.806. Record-keeping requirements, confidentiality.
190.809. Amount due, determination--notification procedure--offset permitted,
when--quarterly adjustment of tax permitted.
190.812. Determination of tax final, when--timely protest permitted.
190.815. Rulemaking authority.
190.818. Remittance of tax--fund created, use of moneys.
190.821. Tax period--failure to pay, delinquency, enforcement procedures.
190.824. Tax-exempt status of ambulance service not affected.
190.827. Payments to ambulance services, when.
190.830. Federal financial participation required.
190.833. No tax imposed prior to effective date.
190.836. Rules requirements, authority.
190.839. Expiration date.
190.840. Nonseverability clause.

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