Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 193
Vital Statistics

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August 28, 2013

193.005. Law, how cited.
193.015. Definitions.
193.025. Office--exclusive system--preservation of records.
193.035. Rules and regulations, procedure.
193.045. State registrar, administration of system, powers and duties.
193.055. Division of state into registration districts.
193.065. Local registrars, qualifications,
appointment--deputies--duties--recorder of deeds appointed as
local registrar (St. Louis City).
193.075. Certificates and reports, form, format, contents.
193.085. Birth certificate--contents, filing, locale, duties of certain
persons, time allowed, attestation.
193.087. Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity--forms, contents--immunity
for staff presenting form--training of hospital staff--intentional
misidentification of parent, penalty--public assistance recipients,
duty to cooperate.
193.095. Parentage unknown--report of custodian constitutes
certificate--inspection by court order only.
193.105. Delayed filing, registration--refusal--appeal.
193.115. Court order constituting birth certificate, petition, procedure.
193.125. Debbi Daniel law--adoption--new birth certificate,
when--reports--duties--inspection of certain records by court
order only.
193.135. New certificate of birth established or old one amended,
when--inspection of certain records by court order only.
193.145. Death certificate--electronic system--contents, filing, locale, duties
of certain persons, time allowed--certificate marked presumptive,
193.155. Delayed filing, registration.
193.165. Spontaneous fetal death report--release of reports--application for
certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth, procedure.
193.175. Person in charge of final disposition of dead body to file
notification of death--cremation, requirements--tag affixed with
identifying information, requirements.
193.185. Marriage report--certification.
193.195. Marriage license recording fee.
193.205. Marriage dissolution or annulment record.
193.215. Amendment of certificates and reports--acknowledgment of paternity
affidavit, notice to be given parents--rescission of acknowledgment,
filing--paternity establishment services offered by department.
193.225. Methods of preserving records, requirements--certified reproductions
accepted as originals--death record originals transferred to state
193.235. Probative value of delayed or altered certificates.
193.245. Inspection and copying of records, disclosure of information,
unlawful unless authorized--authority.
193.255. Certified copies of vital records, issuance--probative
value--cooperation with federal agencies and other states--issuance
of certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth, when.
193.265. Fees for certification and other services--distribution--services
free, when.
193.275. Records to be kept by institutions and others--period--power of
registrar to demand information.
193.285. Local registrar's duties.
193.295. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
193.305. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
193.315. Acts which constitute crimes.
193.325. Application of law.

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