Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 256
Geology, Water Resources and Geodetic Survey
Section 256.430

August 28, 2014

Department may accept gifts, grants--law not to be construed to limit common law water rights.

256.430. 1. The department may accept gifts, contributions, donations and grants, and use the same for any purpose within the scope of sections 71.287 and 256.400 to 256.430; provided, however, that any federal or state revenue moneys which are provided for the carrying out of sections 71.287 and 256.400 to 256.430 must be appropriated to the department by the general assembly of the state of Missouri in accordance with law.

2. Nothing in sections 71.287 and 256.400 to 256.430 shall be construed to limit the common law water rights of any person.

(L. 1983 H.B. 271 ยงยง 7, 8)

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