Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 213
Human Rights

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August 28, 2013

213.010. Definitions.
213.020. Commission on human rights created--members, how appointed, terms,
vacancies, how filled--functions--local commissions, power and
213.025. Commission members to receive per diem and expenses, when.
213.030. Powers and duties of commission--rulemaking, procedure.
213.040. Unlawful housing practices--discrimination in housing--sufficient
compliance with other standards--local government
compliance--construction of law--housing for older persons,
defined--conviction for controlled substances, effect--religious
organizations, effect of.
213.041. Restrictive covenants, homeowners' association--limitations--procedure
to delete violative restrictive covenants.
213.045. Discrimination in commercial real estate loans prohibited.
213.050. Discrimination in selling or renting by real estate agencies
213.055. Unlawful employment practices--exceptions.
213.065. Discrimination in public accommodations prohibited, exceptions.
213.070. Additional unlawful discriminatory practices.
213.075. Complaints to commission, how filed, when--filing with federal
agencies, effect--duties of executive director--respondents--hearing,
notice, procedure--attorney general to represent commission--appeal,
discovery--effect of orders of commission.
213.076. Notice relating to aiding and abetting, civil action--commencement of
action--intervention--relief--authority of commission.
213.077. Settlement and conciliation agreement--restrictions, procedure.
213.085. Decisions of commission--judicial review, when, procedure,
venue--enforcement of order--breech of settlement agreement,
213.095. Violation of a commission order, misdemeanor.
213.101. Construction of statutes.
213.111. Right to civil action, when--relief available--costs and attorney's
fees, awarded when.
213.112. Applicability.
213.126. Attorney general to act, when--authorization of civil
action--settlement agreement.
213.131. Local commissions, certification--review--decertification.
213.135. Local commissions, power and authority--procedure--public attorney,
duties--appeal, procedure--adoption of procedural rules.
213.137. Severability.

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