Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 256
Geology, Water Resources and Geodetic Survey

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August 28, 2013

256.010. State geologist--appointment--duties.
256.030. Governor, state geologist--powers.
256.040. Oath of office--private consulting prohibited.
256.050. State geologist and assistants--duties.
256.055. Revolving fund for cash transactions involving the sale of Division of
Geology and Land Survey items established.
256.060. Survey of water resources.
256.070. Maintenance of cabinet collection.
256.080. Duty of assistants.
256.090. Information released to press--confidential material released,
when--use of collections by educational institutions.
256.100. Additional technical work--authorization.
256.110. Cooperation with federal agencies.
256.112. Mine map repository established in office of state geologist--contents
to be maps of closed or abandoned underground mines.
256.113. Maps to be open for inspection in presence of authorized
personnel--copies made with consent of owner, exceptions.
256.115. State geologist to acquire maps--owners or operators of underground
mines closed permanently or temporarily to furnish true copies, when,
256.117. Funding for operation of map repository from document services
fund--money from sales of maps or products deposited in fund.
256.120. Geodetic surveyors may enter on lands.
256.130. Damages--hearings--procedure.
256.140. Costs, how adjusted.
256.150. Appeals.
256.155. Interstate earthquake emergency compact.
256.170. Definitions.
256.173. Cities and counties to be furnished geologic hazard assessment
prepared by division of geology and land survey.
256.175. High seismic risk area data--duties of department.
256.200. Duties and powers of commission.
256.230. Bonds of members and employees.
256.250. Public agencies to cooperate with commission.
256.260. Reports of commission.
256.280. Definition.
256.290. Water development fund created, purposes--funds not to revert.
256.300. Commission may contract with federal agencies.
256.310. Duties of commission.
256.320. Basis of payment--debt to be lien on property, how collected.
256.330. Commission to report to legislature, contents.
256.340. Legislature may appropriate from fund, purposes.
256.350. Law not to affect existing contracts.
256.360. Commission to protect public interest in federal reservoirs.
256.400. Definitions.
256.405. Purpose to develop information for future water resource
management--water usage law applicable to--exemptions.
256.410. Major water users withdrawing or diverting water required to file
registration with division, content.
256.415. Nuisance, unregistered diversion of water by major water
user--injunction--injunction dissolved, when.
256.420. Inspection by state geologist--court order if permission refused.
256.425. Division to compile information to determine water needs and usage
of state--staff limitation.
256.430. Department may accept gifts, grants--law not to be construed to
limit common law water rights.
256.433. Southeast Missouri regional water district, limitation on withdrawal
or diversion by major water users.
256.435. Citation of law.
256.437. Definitions.
256.438. Fund created, use of moneys.
256.439. Multipurpose program established, department to administer and adopt
256.440. Water resource program established to ensure public water supply
storage, department to administer--state may participate in water
resource project, when.
256.443. Plan, content--approval of plan by director--eligibility of projects
to receive contributions, grants or bequests for construction or
renovation costs, limitation.
256.445. Political subdivision, with sponsor's plan approved, submit to voters
ballot to incur debt, issue bonds, levy and collect taxes--bonds,
procedure to issue--rate of tax--how calculated--collection.
256.450. Citation of law.
256.453. Definitions.
256.456. Geology work to be performed under supervision of registered
geologist, when--reports, supervised by registered
geologist--prohibited designations, when--penalty.
256.459. Board of geologist registration created--members, qualifications,
appointment--public members--terms--bond not required--attorney
general to represent board--expenses, reimbursement, compensation,
rules authorized.
256.462. Meetings of board--officers--rules--examinations, preparation
of--certificates of registration, issuance of, code of professional
conduct--suspension, revocation of certificate, when--specialty
fields, board may recognize.
256.465. Fund, established--fees to be set by board, limit.
256.468. Application for certification, contents, requirements--examination
required--geologist-registrant in-training, designation--board,
powers and duties.
256.471. Exempt activities.
256.474. Failure to abide by requirements, board may reprimand.
256.477. Prohibited activities, penalties--board to revoke certificate, when.
256.480. Complaints, board shall investigate, procedures--board may issue
order, powers--appeal of order or action of board.
256.483. Alteration of document prohibited, when, penalty--false evidence or
testimony, penalty--action under expired certificate of registration,
256.500. (Transferred 1978; now 266.500)
256.505. (Transferred 1978; now 266.505)
256.510. (Transferred 1978; now 266.510)
256.515. (Transferred 1978; now 266.515)
256.520. (Transferred 1978; now 266.520)
256.525. (Transferred 1978; now 266.525)
256.530. (Transferred 1978; now 266.530)
256.535. (Transferred 1978; now 266.535)
256.540. (Transferred 1978; now 266.540)
256.545. (Transferred 1978; now 266.545)
256.550. (Transferred 1978; now 266.550)
256.600. Title of law.
256.603. Definitions.
256.605. Well installation board
256.606. Rules and regulations--applicants' qualifications.
256.607. Well installation contractor, permit--heat pump installation
contractor, permit.
256.611. Application, qualifications.
256.613. Written examinations.
256.614. Notice to division, when--forms--registration and certification,
fee--encountering gas or oil.
256.615. Abandoned wells, plugging required--test holes,
plugging--confidentiality of information--penalty.
256.616. Performance bond or letter of credit may be required--conditions.
256.617. Drilling rigs, how marked--rig permits.
256.620. Certain wells exempted from regulation.
256.621. Surface water tracing, registration required--renewal--documentation
256.623. Fees--appeals process for disciplinary action.
256.626. Promulgation of rules and regulations--heat pump coolants,
256.628. Obligation to plug abandoned well, notification--information to be
filed, form--inspection, injunction, penalty.
256.630. Violations of the law, suspension, revocation--procedure,
256.633. Injunctions--attorney general to represent division.
256.635. Audit of division--groundwater protection fund, purpose.
256.637. Violations of law, civil and criminal penalties.
256.640. Rules, procedure.
256.641. Definitions.
256.643. Southeast Missouri regional water district, certain counties may be
included--governed by commission.
256.645. Counties to adopt plan to set boundaries of district--meeting
of landowners--notice requirement.
256.647. Qualified voters to elect chairman and secretary--vote to become part
of district and to select one commissioner, elections procedure.
256.649. Counties not joining may subsequently join, procedure--commissioners'
256.650. (Transferred 1992; now 256.155)
256.651. Meeting of commission, location--terms of office, how
determined--vacancies--per diem--oath.
256.653. President and secretary to be elected, qualifications,
terms--commission's powers and duties.
256.655. Fees may be established for persons owning irrigation
wells--qualification, limitation--to raise fee must submit to
256.657. Secretary of commission to serve as treasurer--salary, expenses, staff
and equipment--bond requirement--deposit of funds--duties--annual
audit--report--warrants, form.
256.660. Disincorporation of district, procedure.
256.670. Definitions--geographical information system, public
access--community creation of system--fee--licensing of system,
factors--construction of law--liability shield.
256.700. Surface mining, fee--director to require fee, when--amount of
fee--expiration date--rulemaking authority.
256.705. Fund created, use of moneys.
256.710. Industrial minerals advisory council created, members, duties, terms,

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