Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 260
Environmental Control

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August 28, 2013

260.003. All licenses, permits or grants of authority by department must be in
compliance with local area's zoning, building, health codes or
ordinances, procedure to determine compliance.
260.005. Definitions.
260.010. Authority created.
260.015. Purpose of authority.
260.020. Membership of authority, appointed how, terms, quorum.
260.025. Officers, how selected.
260.030. Compensation and expenses.
260.035. Powers of authority.
260.037. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
260.038. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
260.040. Revenue bonds, issued when--sale, limitations--procedure--rate.
260.045. Notes issued when, how sold.
260.050. Renewal notes or refunding bonds issued when.
260.055. Resolution authorizing notes or bonds, contents of.
260.060. Resolution may provide for trust agreements.
260.065. Notes and bonds not an indebtedness of the state.
260.070. Notes and bonds approved as investments--who may invest.
260.075. Projects subject to taxation--notes, bonds and their income tax free,
260.080. Funds of authority not to be distributed to members or private
persons, except for compensation for services.
260.085. Termination or dissolution, property to pass to state.
260.090. Proposed expenditure of federal funds in coming fiscal year requires
itemized report to appropriations and the oversight division,
committee on legislative research.
260.095. Contracts between authority and political subdivisions, purpose.
260.100. Authority member not personally liable on notes or bonds issued.
260.110. Statutory conflicts, which prevails.
260.115. Loans for energy resource development, requirements--fee charged,
when--deposit in and use of energy resources insured loan fund.
260.120. Interest rate on loans.
260.125. Severability.
260.200. Definitions.
260.203. Infectious waste, treatment of--hospitals, department of health and
senior services to promulgate rules--transportation
of--registration of hospitals--proper disposal, penalty--fee
on delivery, exceptions--inspection
fee, amount, fund, refund of, when.
260.204. Permit for treatment of infectious waste, not to be issued, when.
260.205. Permit required to operate facility, and construction permit to
construct facility, requirements, exceptions, fees--plans to be
submitted--permits revoked or suspended, when--disclosure
statement, requirements.
260.206. Owner or operator shall provide quality assurance and quality control
oversight of inspections during area closure, postclosure and
corrective action plans, requirements--department may suspend, revoke
or modify permit.
260.207. Permit not to be issued, when--notice to department of certain
crimes, penalty for failure to notify--reinstatement, when.
260.208. Contracts with specified parties prohibited, when--notice of certain
convictions required, penalty.
260.209. Property acquired outside city, county or district for solid waste
disposal, compliance with zoning ordinances required.
260.210. Prohibited acts, exception--search warrants to issue,
when--investigations, department may conduct, how--demolition
waste, disposal of, requirements--building permits, notice of
disposal of demolition waste required,
form--exceptions--exceptions for Kansas City.
260.211. Demolition waste, criminal disposition of--penalties--conspiracy.
260.212. Solid waste, criminal disposition of--penalties--conspiracy.
260.213. Disclosure of landfill, sale of property, required.
260.214. Preliminary site investigation approval, not required for certain
counties--severability clause.
260.215. Solid wastes, how handled--duties of cities and
counties--exemptions--charges, how stated, how collected.
260.216. Solid waste disposal in receptacle of another, prohibited--penalty.
260.218. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 487 A merged with S.B. 225 A)
260.220. Plans to be submitted, contents of--disapproval, effect of.
260.225. Duties of department--rules and regulations, promulgation of,
procedures--model solid waste management plans,
contents--coordination with other state agencies.
260.226. Closure of facility, plan to be submitted, contents--notice,
when--financial assurance instrument, release of,
260.227. Postclosure plan, contents--financial assurance instrument
required--owner or operator of sanitary or demolition landfill to
take corrective action, when--plan required--financial assurance,
amount, form required, released when.
260.228. Failure to implement closure, postclosure plan or corrective action
plan, forfeiture of collateral, when.
260.230. Department may order repairs, alterations, construction or
reconstruction, when--injunctive relief, when.
260.235. Appeal, judicial review, procedure--injunction based on seriousness of
threat to environment--performance bond required, forfeited,
260.236. Severability of provisions.
260.240. Violations, how proceeded against--county regulations, how enforced,
penalty for violation--exceptions.
260.241. Permit not to be issued, when.
260.242. Fly ash produced by coal combustion, exemption from solid waste
permitting requirements, conditions--certain counties.
260.243. Buffer zone required, commercial processing facility, how
260.245. Tax, how levied--limitation--form of ballot.
260.247. Annexation or expansion of solid waste services by city, notice to
certain private entities, when--city to contract with private
entity, duration, terms.
260.249. Administrative penalties--not to be assessed for minor violation,
definition--amount set by rule, payment when--appeal
effect--surcharge due when--unpaid penalty, collection--time
limitation to assess violation--judicial appeal--civil action
effect, exception.
260.250. Major appliances, waste oil, yard waste and batteries, disposal
restricted--recycling of certain items, addressed in solid waste
management plan.
260.253. Department to provide technical assistance and public education
programs on collection of used motor oil--household consumer used
motor oil, duty to maintain toll-free telephone for information.
260.254. Grants for household consumer-used motor oil collection systems,
requirements--centers not to accept motor oil from commercial
260.255. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1251 A)
260.260. Batteries, lead-acid, disposal of restricted--penalty.
260.262. Retailers of lead-acid batteries, duties--notice to purchaser,
260.264. Notices to public, batteries, duties of department.
260.266. Wholesalers of lead-acid batteries, duties--storage of batteries,
260.267. Restriction on sales of certain batteries, effective dates--sale of
nonbutton cell mercuric-oxide battery requirements, duties of
manufacturer, violation, penalty.
260.269. In-state private entity disposal permitted, when.
260.270. Scrap tires, prohibited activities--penalties--site owners, no new
scrap tire sites permitted, when, exception--registration required,
duty to inform department, contents--rules and regulations--permit
fees--duties of department--inventory of processed scrap tires not to
exceed limitation--auto dismantler, limited storage of tires
allowed--recovered rubber, use by transportation department, how.
260.272. Scrap tires and rubber chips may be used as landfill cover, department
of natural resources to promulgate rules.
260.273. Fee, sale of new tires, amount--collection, use of
260.274. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 225 A)
260.275. Scrap tire site, closure plan, contents--financial assurance
instrument, purpose, how calculated.
260.276. Nuisance abatement activities, department may conduct--costs, civil
action authorized, exception--resource recovery or nuisance
abatement bids on contract, who may bid--content--nonprofits may
be eligible for cleanup reimbursement, when.
260.278. Performance bond or letter of credit required for transporter of
scrap tires, when--provisions required--forfeiture of bond, when,
procedure--bond requirement ceases, when.
260.279. Preference and bonus points for contracts for the removal or
clean up of waste tires, when.
260.280. Container defined--plastic ring or holding device must be
biodegradable within two years--acceptable rings or holding device,
department to furnish list--violations, penalty--effective when.
260.281. Plastic, plastic bottles or rigid plastic container
defined--containers, must have coded label, content, form--exempt
products, rules established by department--violations, penalty.
260.285. (Repealed L. 2008 H.B. 2058 A)
260.300. Regions, division of state into--procedures, purpose.
260.302. County may apply for change in region, when, procedures.
260.305. Creation of district, procedures--boundaries, limitations--petition
to establish--district a body corporate and politic, when--election.
260.310. Contractual authority, powers.
260.315. Council, selection of members, terms--meetings--powers--selection
of executive board, terms.
260.320. Executive board, meetings, selection of officers--powers,
duties--contractual authority.
260.325. Solid waste management plan, submitted to department, contents,
procedures--approval, revision of plan--funds may be made available,
260.330. Landfill fee, amount--solid waste management fund, created,
purpose--department to enforce--transfer station, fee
charged--free disposal day, notice.
260.335. Distribution of fund moneys, uses--grants, distribution of
moneys--advisory board, solid waste, duties.
260.342. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 225 A)
260.345. Solid waste advisory board, members--qualifications--duties and
powers--removal of board member for failure to attend meetings, when.
260.350. Short title.
260.352. Department of natural resources shall verify compliance with
corrective action plans for hazardous waste management.
260.355. Exempted wastes.
260.360. Definitions.
260.365. Hazardous waste management commission created--composition,
qualifications--compensation--terms--meetings, notice required,
260.370. Duties and powers of commission--rules and regulations to be adopted,
procedures--inspection fees, use of, refund, when--variances
granted, when.
260.371. Severability clause, exceptions.
260.372. Powers and duties of commission.
260.373. Rulemaking authority, limitations on--identification of inconsistent
260.375. Duties of department--licenses required--permits required.
260.377. Inspection by department.
260.379. (Repealed L. 2013 H.B. 28 A merged with H.B. 650 A)
260.380. Duties of hazardous waste generators--fees to be collected,
disposition--exemptions--expiration of fees.
260.385. Activities not allowed and requirements to be met by hazardous
waste transporters.
260.390. Duties of hazardous waste facility owners and operators--tax to be
collected, disposition--duties upon termination of use of
facility--inspection fees, commercial facilities, requirements.
260.391. Hazardous waste fund created--payments--not to lapse--subaccount
created, purpose--transfer of moneys--restrictions on use of
moneys--general revenue appropriation to be requested annually.
260.392. Definitions--fees for transport of radioactive waste--deposit of
moneys, use--notice of shipments--sunset provision.
260.393. Technology for treatment of hazardous waste, generators to use best
available, exceptions.
260.394. Disposal of untreated hazardous waste, prohibited,
exceptions--alternative to landfilling, best demonstrated
available technology.
260.395. Transportation of hazardous waste, how permitted--fees, how
determined--notice prior to issuance of permit--permit not
required of whom--application for certification, when--permit
maintained for postclosure care period--leachate collection
system required--railroad hazardous waste transportation, fee.
260.396. PCB, definition--facilities, regulation of--list of PCB
facilities--compliance with requirements, time limitation.
260.400. Procedure for conducting public hearings.
260.405. Variances granted, when.
260.410. Department to enforce standards, rules and regulations--appeal
260.412. Administrative penalties--not to be assessed for minor
violation--conference, conciliation and persuasion--rules and
regulations, payment--appeal, effect--unpaid penalty,
collection--time limit--review.
260.415. Appeals--other remedies available, costs.
260.420. Imminent hazard, action to be taken.
260.423. Facility ordered to accept waste, reimbursement rate disagreement,
260.424. Underground injection prohibited.
260.425. Violations, how punished.
260.429. No permit in non-karst area of state over groundwater divide.
260.430. Confidential information--illegal disclosure, penalty.
260.431. Buffer zone required, commercial facility, how
determined--limitations, requirements, certain facilities.
260.432. Hazardous waste, collection of small quantities, department to
administer--fees--department may enter into contracts for
collection--disposal in landfills prohibited, when.
260.433. Commercial hazardous waste facilities, prohibited activities (third or
fourth class counties).
260.434. (Repealed L. 2013 H.B. 28 A merged with H.B. 650 A)
260.435. Definitions, sections 260.435 to 260.480--definition of
hazardous waste not to include certain materials.
260.437. Rules and regulations, authority.
260.440. Registry of abandoned or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites,
contents--investigation--department's powers and duties.
260.445. Abandoned and uncontrolled sites, annual report, content--sent to
260.446. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 225 A)
260.450. Priority of sites, listed in registry, determined by
investigation--factors to be considered.
260.455. Registry, proposed site addition, procedure, notice.
260.460. Listing or proposed listing of site in registry, procedure to
260.465. Change of use or transfer of site property--notice to
buyer--appeal--violations, penalty.
260.470. Recording of sites, placed on or removed from registry--removal
260.475. Fees to be paid by hazardous waste generators--exceptions--deposit of
moneys--violations, penalty--deposit--fee requirement,
expiration--fee structure review.
260.479. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 225 A)
260.480. Transfer of moneys in the hazardous waste remedial fund to
hazardous waste fund.
260.481. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
260.482. Incineration of certain material by Department of Defense, limitation.
260.500. Definitions.
260.505. Hazardous substance emergency response plan to be developed by
department director--contents of plan.
260.510. Hazardous substances, director's powers and duties.
260.515. Actions to abate, control or clean up not construed as admission of
260.520. Rules and regulations--procedure.
260.525. Investigation, no person to refuse entry--search warrant to be issued.
260.530. Cleanup costs, liability--failure to comply, damages,
exceptions--records of expense to be kept.
260.535. Hazardous waste fund, deposits to--purpose for use.
260.540. State employees acting in official capacity, liability.
260.545. Providing assistance at request of department, political subdivision
or volunteer fire protection district, liability for actions, when.
260.546. Emergency assistance--cost, how paid--cost statement,
contents--payment, when--amount, appeal procedure--state fund to
pay cost but repayment required.
260.550. Information to be available to public, exceptions.
260.552. Liability limitation for persons in business of hazardous waste
cleanup created by others, exceptions--waste cleanup of environmental
hazard defined.
260.565. Definitions.
260.567. Application for voluntary remediation, requirements, form, fee--review
by department--duties of applicant, reports--remedial action
plan, review of--duties.
260.569. Reimbursement for costs to department, computation--deposit of
funds--termination from participation by department, when--refund
of balance, when.
260.571. Hazardous waste management commission may promulgate rules, scope.
260.573. Completion of plan, department to issue letter, contents--effect.
260.575. False information, submission of--penalty.
260.600. Area revitalization authorities to hold title in cleanup
areas--transfer of title to department, when--dissolution of
authority (certain first class counties, charter form).
260.602. Authorities' articles of incorporation, content.
260.603. Articles filed where--secretary of state, duties.
260.605. Board of directors, number, qualifications, election, term.
260.607. Powers and duties of board.
260.609. Authority, state and state employees no liability, when.
260.700. Membership authorized--compact--purposes.
260.705. Definitions.
260.710. Extended care and long-term liability account established,
purposes--if Missouri designated a host state, duties.
260.715. Operators of regional disposal facilities to purchase maximum
insurance--insurance to be used, how.
260.720. Compact commissioner and alternate, appointment, compensation, when,
expenses, duties.
260.725. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
260.730. Tax levy authorized for counties containing regional disposal
260.735. Designation as host state, governor's duty--approval by general
assembly required, exception.
260.750. Environmental radiation monitoring program and fund
260.800. Definitions.
260.805. Electric suppliers to purchase electricity generated, rate
260.810. Extraordinary costs and interconnection charges paid by
governing body.
260.815. Loss of revenue, rate case before public service commission
260.818. Definitions.
260.819. Removal costs and damages, liability, limitations.
260.820. Definitions.
260.822. Content concentration of certain elements, restrictions.
260.824. Exemptions.
260.826. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
260.830. Landfill fee authorized, counties of third and fourth
classification--approval, ballot, limitation.
260.831. Collection of fee by operator, payment required--separate surcharge,
transmittal of funds.
260.900. Definitions.
260.905. Hazardous waste management commission to promulgate rules for
dry-cleaning facility environmental remediation.
260.910. Violations of dry-cleaning remediation laws--civil damages.
260.915. Registration of dry-cleaning facilities with department.
260.920. Dry-cleaning environmental response trust fund created--purpose--not
to be considered total state revenue.
260.925. Expenditures from fund, how used--fund not to be used, when--liability
determinations--entry onto premises where corrective action
required--fund payment limit--owner liability when fund payment
260.930. State immunity from liability due to corrective action--private action
against dry-cleaning facility not prohibited--corrective action
not to be compelled at eligible dry-cleaning facilities--director
approval of plans, when.
260.935. Dry-cleaning facility registration surcharge--deposited in
fund--penalties and interest for nonpayment.
260.940. Dry-cleaning solvent surcharge, amount imposed due to solvent
factor--deposited in fund--penalties and interest for
nonpayment--operators not to purchase solvent from persons not
paying surcharge.
260.945. Surcharges not collected, when.
260.950. Judicial review.
260.955. Department to report on fund, corrective action from fund.
260.960. Rulemaking.
260.965. Expiration date.
260.1000. Citation of law.
260.1003. Definitions.
260.1006. Holder of an environmental covenant--department bound by
covenant--rules for interests in real property.
260.1009. Contents of a covenant.
260.1012. Enforceability of covenants, criteria.
260.1015. Use of real property subject to zoning laws and recorded instruments.
260.1018. Copy of covenant to be provided, to whom.
260.1021. Recording of a covenant, procedure.
260.1024. Covenants are perpetual, exceptions--department may terminate
covenants, when.
260.1027. Amendment or termination of a covenant, requirements--interest in
property not affected by amendment.
260.1030. Civil action may be maintained, when--department to maintain
regulatory authority.
260.1033. Activity and use information system to be established,
purpose--categories of sites--recording of amendments or
termination, procedure, form.
260.1036. Inapplicability to storage tanks.
260.1039. Effect of act on certain federal laws.
260.1050. Citation of act.
260.1053. Definitions.
260.1059. Applicability of act--exceptions.
260.1062. Recovery plan required, contents--use of existing infrastructure
permitted--report required.
260.1065. Labeling requirements for sale of new equipment.
260.1068. Information on computer materials, immunity from liability, when.
260.1071. Department to educate consumers--internet site required.
260.1074. Audits and inspections by department permitted--enforcement of
act--warning notices--penalties may be assessed, subaccount
260.1077. Financial and proprietary information not a public record.
260.1080. Report to legislative committees.
260.1083. Fee not authorized, when.
260.1089. Recycling and reuse, compliance with federal, state and local law
required--rulemaking authority.
260.1092. Federal law may preempt, when.
260.1101. Rulemaking authority.

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