Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 273

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August 28, 2013

273.010. Dog defined.
273.020. Recovery of damages for sheep killed--disposition of dog, penalty.
273.030. Dogs may be killed, when.
273.033. Killing or injuring a dog, reasonable apprehension of imminent harm is
an absolute defense.
273.036. Owner liable, when--fine, amount.
273.040. Dog defined.
273.050. Dog tax, when due.
273.060. Amount of tax.
273.070. Issuance of license--plate--certificate--license fees--county dog
license fund--purposes.
273.080. License fastened to dog's collar.
273.090. License tags and certificates, how furnished.
273.100. Impounding of dogs--redemption--fees--penalty.
273.110. Application to recover damages from fund.
273.120. Examination of applications, pass judgment.
273.130. Records to be kept--warrants--funds prorated, when.
273.150. Failure to pay tax--penalty--exceptions.
273.160. Assessor to list all dogs--notify owner of tax.
273.170. Applicability of law--petition--election.
273.180. Repeal of license tax on dogs--procedure.
273.325. Citation of law--definitions.
273.327. License annually required to operate animal boarding facilities, pet
shops, pounds, dealers and commercial breeders--fees, exemption
from fees for certain licensees.
273.329. Director may refuse to license or may revoke licenses,
grounds--operation without license, penalty.
273.331. Inspection required for license--state veterinarian's duties and
authority--provisional license issued until inspection--inspections
required annually or on complaint.
273.333. Investigations conducted, when--violations, administrative
procedure--order for remedial action by circuit
courts--administrative penalties, amount--penalties, deposit in
general revenue--appeals, procedure.
273.335. Substantial ongoing risk to health and welfare of animals, temporary
or permanent injunction--animals in pain or diseased taken into
custody for euthanasia, when, costs to licensee.
273.338. Failure of reinspections after original violation, penalty,
amount--payment of penalty required before license renewal.
273.340. Dealers to purchase only from licensed or exempt persons--violation,
273.342. Exemption from licensing requirements, certain persons--registration
required annually, content, no fee.
273.344. Standards and regulations for licensed persons and
facilities--director to promulgate rules.
273.345. Canine Cruelty Prevention Act--citation of law--purpose--required
care--definitions--veterinary records--space
requirements--severability clause.
273.346. Director to develop rules for health and veterinary care for animals
in custody and facilities of licensees--records to be kept--pounds,
major construction not to be required.
273.347. Court action for enforcement, when--crime of canine cruelty, penalty.
273.348. Facilities to be open for inspection--quarantine of animals, by
state veterinarian, when--quarantine removed, when--removal of animals
under quarantine prohibited--disease treatment procedures, duties of
state veterinarian--violations, penalty.
273.350. Director to develop rules to include safety standards for motor
vehicles transporting live animals--define exotic animals and their
care--wildlife not to be included--shipping diseased animals,
273.352. Advisory committee, appointment, qualifications--duties to assist in
establishing rules--not to receive compensation or
expenses--rulemaking procedure.
273.354. Laws not applicable to hospitals or boarding facility under
supervision of veterinarians or research.
273.357. Animal care reserve fund created--all license fees to be deposited in
fund--purpose and uses--lapse to general revenue, prohibited.
273.359. Stacked cages without impervious barrier prohibited, penalty.
273.400. Definitions.
273.403. Sterilization of all cats and dogs adopted or purchased from animal
shelters or animal control agencies, procedure.
273.405. Animal considered sterilized when--exceptions to sterilization
requirement--costs to be paid by adopter or purchaser.

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