Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 288
Employment Security

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August 28, 2013

288.010. Title of law.
288.020. Public policy declared--construction of law.
288.030. Definitions--calculation of Missouri average annual wage.
288.032. Employer defined, exceptions.
288.034. Employment defined.
288.035. Owner and operator leasing motor vehicle with driver to a for-hire
common or contract carrier not deemed employed for unemployment
compensation, exception.
288.036. Wages defined--state taxable wage base.
288.037. Indian tribes considered employers for purposes of unemployment
compensation payments, when--definitions--requirements.
288.038. Maximum weekly benefit amount defined.
288.040. Eligibility for benefits--exceptions--report, contents.
288.041. Employer to provide notice of ineligibility for unemployment benefits,
288.042. War on terror veterans, defined--eligible for benefits--time
period--penalty--offer of similar wages--fund--rulemaking
288.045. Misconduct connected with the claimant's work, when--controlled
substance and blood alcohol content levels--notice--tests
conducted, when--violation, penalty--preemployment
testing--testing provision not to apply, when--specimens for
testing--confirmation tests--prescriptions--section not
applicable, when--implementation of testing program.
288.046. General assembly's intent to abrogate certain case law--determining
misconduct, evidence of impairment.
288.050. Benefits denied unemployed workers, when--pregnancy, requirements for
benefit eligibility.
288.051. Temporary employees, defined, deemed to have voluntarily quit
employment, when.
288.055. Retraining programs, eligibility to receive benefits while in
program, requirements.
288.060. Benefits, how paid--wage credits--benefits due decedent--benefit
warrants cancelled, when--electronic funds transfer system,
allowed--remote claims filing procedures required, contents,
288.062. "On" and "Off" indicators, state and national, how
determined--extended benefits, defined--amount and how computed.
288.070. Claims for benefits--procedure--payment pending appeal.
288.080. Employer, when subject to law--election of coverage--termination.
288.090. Contributions required, when--payments in lieu of contributions,
procedures--common paymaster arrangements.
288.100. Experience rating--employer accounts, credits and charges.
288.102. Rules, procedures.
288.110. Transfer of employer accounts--successor employer
liabilities--unemployment experience, how
288.113. Employer's rate, how determined.
288.120. Employer's contribution rate, how determined--exception shared work
plan, how computed--surcharges for employers taxed at the maximum
288.121. Rate increased when average balance in fund is less than certain
amount, how--rate calculations for certain years.
288.122. If cash in fund exceeds certain amounts, contribution rate to
decrease, amount--table--effective when.
288.124. Average annual payroll defined.
288.125. Voluntary payments by employer.
288.126. Ineligibility for rate calculation, rate used, positive and negative
experience rate account balances.
288.128. Additional assessment for interest on federal advancements and
proceeds of credit instruments, procedure--excess collections,
use of--credit instrument and financing agreement repayment
288.130. Employer records--benefit information--liability determination--final
when--extension of time period for cause--reconsideration, when.
288.131. Unemployment automation surcharge authorized, amount.
288.132. Unemployment automation fund created, use of moneys.
288.140. Contribution adjustments or refunds.
288.150. Unpaid contributions, interest rate due, abatement during
288.160. Assessment of delinquent contributions--limitations--refusal to file,
288.170. Collection of delinquent contributions.
288.175. Debtor's federal income tax refund may be intercepted--debt
defined--debtor defined--use of collection agencies authorized.
288.180. Compromise of delinquent contributions.
288.190. Administrative appeals on disputed determinations--party subject to
appeal decision, right to counsel.
288.200. Appeals to labor and industrial relations commission.
288.210. Judicial review of decisions of industrial commission,
grounds--division to be a party, when.
288.215. Finding of fact, conclusion of law, judgment or order not conclusive
or binding, when--use of evidence in other proceedings.
288.220. Administration of law--director--state employment service,
unemployment insurance operation--rules and regulations.
288.222. Resume retrieval program, division may administer, charge
fees--general assembly may appropriate funds for program.
288.225. Group insurance for employees of division.
288.230. Power to subpoena records and witnesses--mileage and per diem for
witnesses--witness's right against self-incrimination, procedure
to claim, effect.
288.240. Papers, deemed filed, when.
288.245. Records of division constitute evidence of date of mailing.
288.250. Records confidential--privileged communications--violation, penalty.
288.251. Cooperation with not-for-profit agencies authorized.
288.260. Annual report.
288.270. Free public employment offices.
288.290. Unemployment compensation fund, established--administration,
deposit of funds--purposes--erroneous collection of interest or
288.300. Unemployment compensation administration fund, administration and
288.310. Special employment security fund--use of funds--amounts transferred
between funds, when.
288.320. Federal funds, how used--reimbursement, when authorized.
288.330. State liability for benefits limited, authority for application and
repayment of federal advances--board of unemployment fund
financing created, duties, requirements, powers--disposition of
unobligated funds.
288.340. Cooperation with federal government and sister states.
288.345. Division may participate in federal comprehensive manpower
288.350. Effect of amendments to related federal law.
288.360. Records of division--reproduction, destruction, copies.
288.370. Law does not confer vested rights.
288.375. Discharge for testifying prohibited, civil action for damages,
statute of limitations.
288.379. Notice given to filer of claim, taxation of benefits--deducted amounts
remain in trust fund until transference--division to follow
procedures--order in which amounts are deducted.
288.380. Void agreements--offenses, penalties--deductions of support
obligations and uncollected overissuance of food stamps--offset
for overpayment of benefits by other states, when--definitions.
288.381. Collection of benefits paid when claimant later determined ineligible
or awarded back pay--violation, damages.
288.382. Uncollectible benefit overpayments, how determined.
288.390. State to comply with minimum standards prescribed by federal law.
288.395. Fraud or misrepresentation, penalties.
288.397. (L. 2004 H.B. 1268 & 1211, Repealed L. 2004 S.B. 966 A)
288.398. Contracts with consumer reporting agencies authorized--information
limited--privacy rules apply--written consent, contents--use
of information limited, verified by consumer reporting
agency--confidentiality safeguards required--noncompliance,
liability--information obtained under false pretenses,
288.475. Missouri state unemployment council created, members, meetings,
terms, duties--proposals submitted to division, when--access to
records--outside study authorized.
288.500. Shared work program created--definitions--plan, requirements--plan
denied, submission of new plan, when--contribution by employer,
how computed--benefits.
288.501. Extension of benefits--alternate base period defined--use of federal

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