Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 293
Mining Regulations

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August 28, 2013

293.010. Definitions.
293.020. Applicability of law.
293.030. Mine inspection fees, report, payment--records subject to
inspection--state mine inspection fund created.
293.040. Maps of mine, when made, contents.
293.050. Hours of work--safety rules--posting of law and rules.
293.070. Limits on visitors.
293.080. Mine owner to report, when.
293.090. Director's report, contents.
293.100. Washrooms, dressing rooms, first aid equipment.
293.110. Working places, shafts--drinking devices.
293.120. Air safety requirements.
293.130. Mine railroad equipment and operating requirements--gasoline
engines limited.
293.140. Escapement shafts, how equipped.
293.150. Electrical wiring and equipment requirements.
293.160. Electrical equipment requirements.
293.170. Fire safety requirements.
293.180. Protective clothing and devices to be worn.
293.190. Accident reports, investigation, powers of inspector--failure to
report, penalty.
293.200. Shaft coal mine outlets and escapement shaft requirements--penalty.
293.210. Shaft coal mines, ventilation requirements.
293.220. Daily examination of coal mines generating explosive gas, record.
293.230. Experienced coal miner to handle explosives or gases.
293.240. Blasting cartridge requirements.
293.250. Violation of coal mining safety laws, penalty.
293.260. Explosive strongbox required--employment of shot firers,
293.270. Storage of over daily supply of explosives in mine prohibited.
293.280. Location of explosive storage magazines, ventilation.
293.290. Detonators or caps not kept in magazine in coal mine.
293.300. Explosives not to be prepared in storage magazine.
293.310. Violations of law as to explosive storage, penalty.
293.320. Bore holes required, when, where.
293.330. Signaling and hoisting devices in shaft, safety requirements.
293.340. Coal mines with twenty-five miners, signalmen required--hoisting
cages furnished, when--penalty.
293.350. Hoisting equipment, operating requirements (coal mines).
293.360. Inspection of hoisting equipment, records--penalty (coal mines).
293.370. State inspector to post statement of mine condition and hoisting
rules (coal mines).
293.380. Coal mine operated, how--abandoned workrooms sealed, penalty.
293.390. Standards for roof control--supply of materials required (coal
293.400. Coal dust controls.
293.410. Welding and cutting operations, ventilation, rock-dusting.
293.420. Weighing regulations where coal miners paid by weight.
293.430. State inspectors to check scales--refusal to allow test and
fraudulent weighing, penalties.
293.440. Weighing laws apply to "loaders", when.
293.450. Coal miners to be brought to surface for lunch period of hour,
293.460. Coal miner to prove qualifications before working alone--penalty.
293.470. Division to close coal mine, when--penalty.
293.480. Coal miners paid wages, when--penalty.
293.490. Coal miner's lien for wages.
293.500. Applicability of sections 293.200 to 293.490.
293.510. Dangerous mines to be closed by state, expenses.
293.520. Experience required for miners, except trainees.
293.530. Notice of opening and abandonment of mines--abandoned mines
to be sealed.
293.540. Outlets may be required, when--location of shafts.
293.550. Ventilation of mines.
293.560. State inspections for health safety--procedure when ventilation
293.570. State inspection for dust--waterlines to be installed, when,
293.580. Explosives, storage, handling and use.
293.590. Hoisting equipment and operating regulations.
293.600. Director may require crossheads in shaft sinking operations.
293.610. Applicability of sections 293.510 to 293.600.
293.620. Caves, inspection, to provide map--inspection fees.
293.630. Rules and regulations.
293.640. Inspectors and employees--appointment, salaries.
293.650. Expenses of director and inspectors.
293.660. Inspection of mines, when--rights and duties of inspectors--reports.
293.670. Complaints as to dangerous conditions, procedure.
293.680. Judicial review of orders of director--effect of filing on order,
293.690. Violations of law, penalty.

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