Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 347
Limited Liability Companies--Merger and Consolidation of Business
Section 347.187

August 28, 2014

Classification for purposes of taxation--treatment.

347.187. 1. A limited liability company created pursuant to sections 347.010 to 347.187 or entering the state pursuant to sections 347.010 to 347.187 and its authorized persons, or their equivalent, shall have the duty to withhold and pay such taxes as are imposed by the laws of this state or any political subdivision thereof on a basis consistent with such limited liability company's classification pursuant to Section 7701 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

2. Solely for the purposes of chapter 143, chapter 144, and chapter 288, a limited liability company and its members shall be classified and treated on a basis consistent with the limited liability company's classification for federal income tax purposes.

(L. 1993 S.B. 66 & 20 ยง 359.832, A.L. 1996 H.B. 1368, A.L. 1997 H.B. 655 merged with S.B. 170)

Effective 6-24-97 (H.B. 655) 5-20-97 (S.B. 170)

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