Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 390
Motor Carriers and Express Companies
Section 390.081

August 28, 2014

Temporary permit, issued when.

390.081. 1. In order to provide motor carrier service for which there is an immediate and urgent need from, to or between a point or points or within a territory having no carrier service deemed capable of meeting such need, the division of motor carrier and railroad safety shall, pending the filing of an application for a certificate under section 390.051 or 390.061, without a hearing or other proceeding, grant temporary authority for a period not exceeding ninety days for such service by a common carrier or contract carrier, as the case may be. The issuance of such temporary authority shall create no presumption that corresponding permanent authority will be granted therefor.

2. Such temporary authority shall be granted only upon the payment of such fees and compliance with such rules, regulations and requirements as the division shall, by general order establish for the administration of this section, and transportation service rendered under such authority shall be subject to all applicable provisions of this chapter and to the rules, regulations and requirements of the division established thereunder, that are not in conflict with this section.

(L. 1951 p. 547 ยง 390.080, A.L. 1986 H.B. 1428, A.L. 1988 S.B. 423)

Effective 5-13-88


Division of motor carrier and railroad safety abolished, duties and functions transferred to highways and transportation commission and department of transportation, 226.008

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