Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 317
Boxing and Wrestling

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August 28, 2013

317.001. Definitions.
317.006. Director to supervise professional boxing, sparring, wrestling and
karate contests--powers--duties--fees, how
set--telecasts--athletic fund.
317.011. Athletic fund, created, source of funds--director only to license
certain contests, exceptions--law not applicable to amateur
317.012. Licenses not issued for "ultimate fighting", definition.
317.013. Mandatory medical suspensions, determination--medically retired
317.014. Injunction, who may apply, when--activities subject to
injunction--action brought, where--action in addition to penalty.
317.015. Complaints against licensees, filed with administrative hearing
commission--refusal to issue license, notification,
appeal--sanctions on license permitted, when.
317.016. Director to appoint necessary administrative personnel--compensation
and expenses of, how set.
317.018. Combative fighting prohibited--promotion or participation in combative
fighting, felony--medical personnel--exceptions.
317.019. Bout contracts required, when--contents, changes--payment of event
official's fees.
317.021. Violation of law, misdemeanor.

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